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    What is your Prefered/Favorite Full Synth Engine Oil?

    amsoil I use Mobil 1 5w40 tdt in my 2000 beetle and Mobil 1 0w40 in my 2003 gas engine 2.0 Beetle and i am a long time Mobil 1 user. I know a lot on here don't like amsoil because it hasn't been tested for some of the VW engine test but amsoil say that they stand behing there oils in using in a...
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    No More 5W-40 TD Truck Oil

    The WalMarts here in North Carolina have always been a hit and miss for the Mobil 1 diesel oils
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    No More 5W-40 TD Truck Oil

    Mobil 1 TDT 5w40 I saw Mobil 1 tdt in gallon or was that 5 quart jugs at the Wal Mart in Greenville , North Carolina Friday and also shell t6. The Mobil tdt it is the first time i seen it in years at a wal mart. :)
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    5w30? 5w40?

    walmart here doesn'e even carry the mobil 1 0w40 or the mobil 1 5w40. :(
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    BP Diesel Fuel

    BP Diesel Fuel Grades and cetane sorry about the miss spelling yes i was talking about cetane and the BP Stations here have just the 40 cetane stickers on the pumps. BP has three grade's of diesel they have premier and premium and 40 cetane so i was wondering what the cetane is on the lowest...
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    BP Diesel Fuel

    the local BP stations that have BP Diesel the pumps say min 40 Celene so is BP Diesel just 40 Celene are do you think it is higher than what the sticker on the pump said ? :confused:
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    Report: Diesel Engine Coming to 2012 U.S. VW Beetle; Would You Buy One?

    Beetle i was told by my VW dealer that the 2010 beetle was the last year that they would be made is this true ? :(
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    Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 VW 507 00

    ok thanks i just click on the order button on the top of the page i didn't go all the way down thanks again.:)
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    Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 VW 507 00

    on the new site i didn't see a way to order anything you could see the mobil1 esp product but no way to order it from them so i hope that they will keep av lubs up and running.:eek:
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    Shell V-Power Premium Diesel

    good diesel fuel i wish i could fine some good diesel here all we have in my area is hess and bp on the bp pump it said 40 celane min. :(
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    Really easy fuel questions

    itn't most diesel around here 40 cetane ?:(
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    2009 TDI requires VW 507

    oil i have to beetles one is a 2000 tdi and the other is a 2003 2.0 gas my questing is can 507 oil be use in my two cars ? is the 507 oil backward compatible ? :confused:
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    Any way to prove oil change??

    100.00 oil change 100.00 for a oil chage they ought to be a shame of them selfs. :(
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    Jevic Transportation Goes Under

    path i hate that path trucks use to come to our weyerhaeuser lumber mill to take loads of lumber back up north after they made a run down south good bunch of guys never had any trouble with the drivers when i loaded their trucks sorry to here that. :(
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    biodiesel :) thanks for the info.