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    2005 MK4 Jetta PD BEW timing belt service information?

    Quite often most shops will put a "timing belt service" installation sticker with the mileage noted on it. Look for a Continental or Gates sticker somewhere in the engine bay, usually it's stuck on the upper front rail. Although this is not a guarantee the service was done, it might start...

    Diesel price...

    It's that time of year again... I always track my fuel info and at the same time I track the price of gasoline at the places I fill up with diesel. Here's the comparison for 2020, majority of fill-ups in Eastern Ontario. My Diesel vs. Gasoline price at fill-up 2020 Low and High for gasoline...
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    Diesel vs Gas 2020 chart.JPG


    Ontario Karma thread

    That's OK, my son's in Halifax (stuck in the covid "Atlantic bubble"). But if you were out there I might have had him take you up on your kind offer. Hopefully somebody can take advantage of this... Happy Holidays.

    Ontario Karma thread

    reildawg... where are you located?

    Montreal, Ottawa area

    If you're near the Cornwall area... [/GALLERY]'] Matt is an great guy who does excellent work, and has Malone tunes available. He is user "Volkswheels" on here.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Getting ready for winter... so installed my winter tires on steelies, and inserted 3 sheets of coroplast in front of the radiator. See here for a "How To" These sheets have lasted...

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Replaced both rear springs with what appear to be very new "Suplex" brand springs that I pulled at my local Kenny U-Pull. My passenger side was broken at the bottom, and was making an annoying "pong" when going over bumps. Also installed new lower spring seat packing shims which were only $8.25...
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    Tips to 'time' sunroof motor?

    Here you go...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Just to clarify... ^^^^^, is what worked for me.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Nero try this fix. It happened to me a few years ago, and just using the passenger door inside unlock/lock button did the reset for me
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    Year and Mileage Check

    1998: 637,000 km 1998 diesel4ever (my niece) 521,000 km 1998 soundchk 463,289 km 1998 rhyland 442,569 km 1998 gaddman 390,000 km 1998 chaloux (beetle) 248,270 km 1998 p2b 197,940 km 1998 keks 98,500 km 1998 big_worm81 1999: 746,871 km 1999.5 chef 740,000 km 1999.5 cosmic green (retired june...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Passed another milestone (er, kilometerstone ??😄) Not too many issues getting there. Original clutch and turbo, used injection pump installed at 385k.
  15. 500k km

    500k km