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    MB Bluetec compatible diesel?

    I'm looking at the 2012 ML350 Bluetec. MB says they only approve "B5 5% ASTM D6751 spec biodiesel". Is this just run of the mill diesel you can get at any gas station in the US because they will not honor the warranty if they find out you use lesser grade diesel on the engine? Is it possible...
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    Help finding stock TDI Golf out drag Porsche 911 vid

    I saw it a couple of years ago. It was done by a Brit motor show showing a Mk 3 or 4 stock TDI Golf in silver color out dragged a 996 Porsche 911 in 0-30mph by quite a distance due to the diesel torque. Has anyone seen this vid anywhere? Thanks!
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    Why is there so much black smoke?
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    Diesel less volatile than petrol

    Does it mean a diesel car will less likely result in a fire in the event of a catastrophic crash?
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    Noticeable A-pillar wind noise at highway speed

    I wonder if the wind noise at the A-pillar is a design defect because I noticed it too when I took the test drive. It gets annoying after a while.
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    TDI and bad traffic

    Does TDI have any advantage over gasser in city mileage when you are in bad traffic a lot during rush hours?
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    Where's the torque?

    Test drove a SEL today with DSG but can't feel the torque. I have to floor the car most of the time to get some power out of it because nothing happens when you just press the pedal half way. Is the car too new because it feels very sluggish and less powerful than a 2.0T gasser B6 Passat...
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    Scary to pass at 80mph with TDI?

    Is this a valid concern with TDI at highway speed?
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    Non-metallic vs metallic paint and resale value?

    Will it hurt resale value if I go for Candy White instead of "premium" metallic paint even though VW doesn't charge extra for metallic?
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    Road condition in So Cal in general?

    Are the roads well maintained or filled with potholes everywhere around LA? I'm wondering if 18" wheels are asking for trouble. Thanks!
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    Installing radar detector, laser jammer

    Has anyone hard wired a radar detector like V1 and/or laser jammer to the B7? Is it a relatively straight forward install? Thanks!
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    Maximum range

    Is the advertised 795 miles range easily obtainable in real world driving or you pretty much have to drive it to the last drop and get stranded to get that range?
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    Is Mercedes behind in diesel technology?

    I looked through their Bluetec offerings and none of them look that remarkable in terms of fuel economy vs the TDIs. Are they behind in diesel development?
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    AdBlue consumption

    How often do you need to top it up? How much does a bottle of AdBlue cost and how many do you need for each refill when the car is out of warranty? Thanks!
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    Black smoke normal?

    I was sitting in traffic behind a random A4 Jetta TDI with a TDIClub sticker on the rear window today. The guy was revving his engine and I noticed black smoke coming out of the exhaust. Is this normal?