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    NMS Passat OEM cargo nets (2)

    Never used, still in plastic container. Free. Shipping? I'm in Fort Worth, TX. PM me.
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    No interior heat from Climatronic system

    I think the OP is talking about an 06 Jetta. Is the advice the same?
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    Dirty Fuel

    200k miles of diesel fuel use, with sporadic clear bottle of fuel needed for FF changes. NEVER saw visible contamination, occasional cloudiness. I would take the sample back and show it to them, although you'll get a blank stare from the clerk. If time permits, I'd contact the owner of the...
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    Overfilled!? After first DIY oil change?

    Always hard to read. Pull dipstick out, wipe it clean. Re-insert, wait a few seconds, pull again. ROLL the end of the dipstick on a flat piece of paper towel. This has worked for me, on many cars, for years.
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    Used oil analysis is alarming

    Wondering now if the timing of WHEN the oil sample is taken for a UOA is important? Right after a regen, perhaps the excess fuel would skew the numbers, versus a sample taken after a lengthy run, just PRIOR to a regen, and the excess fuel having been burned off???
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    Sunroof draining?

    ...and $1290 is almost 3 times what some dealers charge for DSG fluid/filter change. Oil/filter change specials, in my experience, were around $60.
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    2011 JSW P0087 fault codes

    Thanks, OH, for your usual calm and clear clarification. I guess in all my lurking here I never saw a post referencing the control solenoid. You're the best!
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    2011 JSW P0087 fault codes

    Does anyone here remember ever reading about "HPFP was failing intermittently"??? I thought HPFPumps didn't gradually fail. ????
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    Mysterious Starting Problem

    Hopefully your starting problem is solved. Weird electrical anomalies are legendary across all vehicles these days, and the best place to start is with the 12V battery. VAG cars aren't the only ones with 12V battery issues causing bizarre, seemingly unrelated problems. Our 2013 CMax (excellent...
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    2011 sportwagon diesel purge help.

    The TDI DSG, in my experience, requires some adjustment. It's never happy with quick throttle input, feels like it bogs down momentarily. The phrase I read here is, "ROLL into the throttle", meaning a gentle squeeze of the fuel pedal. Sudden input, sometimes needed while turning left in between...
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    2011 sportwagon diesel purge help.

    Is the engine hesitating, or is the DSG hesitating (normal!) before it decides to follow your right foot input? Are you familiar with DSG characteristics? A brief lag, especially at lower RPMs, is normal. What kind of MPG (pencil and paper, NOT computer calculated) are you getting? I still...
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    2011 sportwagon diesel purge help.

    Curious: How many miles, and why do you think you need to do this?
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    New guy, 2009 CR, I think my DPF is full

    OEM 2009 CRTDI exhaust is a single welded piece, IIRC, therefore DPF isn't "removable", without serious cutting.
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    drained my manual 6 speed trans fluid today

    ...ditto for a good detailing/waxing. My car is ALWAYS faster with a clean, smooth surface. I once had a piano salesman (high end $120k Steinway) say that a high-gloss ebony surface had a brighter tone than the mat finish ebony. Yes, he said that, to a committee of concert pianists purchasing...