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  • Maybe need to re-post my latest post. I put a post in a forum but it may need to be moved somewhere or copied to somewhere else too. Please help me if you can. It is about 2014 TDI VW Sportwagen clutch problems.
    Morning admin,
    I'm new here. The pix in the following link are "X"d out. How do I gain access to those pix (Headlight adjust)?

    Thank you.
    Hello TDI_Admin,
    There is a problem with the "forgot password" feature. When using it, I enter my username but when I hit OK, it tells me that the user name is in use, as though I was trying to set up a new account instead of trying to reset my password. I ended up creating this new account "Hymel" but my original account is "mphymel" .

    Mark Hymel (mark.p.hymel@gmail.com)
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