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    Euro GT TDI tinker thread

    Have you a close up pic of those front Fog Lamp Grills. Are they OEM, if so whats the part numbers.
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    MFA/FIS/Sport Cluster POSSIBLE on 99.5!!!

    Standard disclamer: Do so at your own risk, I shall not be responsible for damages, mishaps.....etc I started off by firstly making a table of both the blue and green 32 pin connectors. In the 1st column I noted down all the existing wiring and wire colors from these plugs. Then using the...
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    MFA/FIS/Sport Cluster POSSIBLE on 99.5!!!

    I have a 99 AHF 110 GOlf, I fitted Immo 3 Full FIS clocks to mine. Created a circuit to overcome the Airbag light.(Airbag light works as it should.) Had to re-wire a few of the wires from the Green/Blue 32 pin plugs at the rear. MFA works as should Nav info works as should. The only error I have...
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    Any interest in a Digital Boost Gauge?

    I'd like to know more on this, if you could provide the details please. Have you also seen these other displays from the following link: Regards
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    Options for 99.5 cluster?

    Hi, I have a 99 Golf Tdi, which had from new a IJ0 919 cluster, Immo II fitted. The MFA was with the clock in the Tacho. I fitted a 1J0 920 946 Full FIS cluster, with no issues, MFA shows up in the FIS display etc, I connected the MFD navi to it also. Needed to re wire the last 3 pins of...
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    Comfort System retrofit problem -PLEASE HELP!

    What year car was the donor parts from?
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    Fitting a full FIS cluster in a '98 golf 4

    My original 919 cluster had the MFA in the clock display in the Rev counter. So the features get transfered to the FIS display. As part of the conversion you have to pull out the wire that gives you the MPG data from the green plug, this doesn't get used. The MPG data is then given over engine...
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    Fitting a full FIS cluster in a '98 golf 4

    All the navigation features work. Radio/CD etc also get displayed at the top of the FIS display The door open does work but it doesn't show the which individual door is open, it just gives a generic Door Open symbol, and as you say you would need new later door modules and a a later CCM to...
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    Fitting a full FIS cluster in a '98 golf 4

    Custom job:D , A bit of hacking, filling, some insperation, cursing, and a bit of paint................then voila:)
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    Fitting a full FIS cluster in a '98 golf 4

    Yes, I have a 99 Golf AHF 110Bhp, like yours, I have fitted a 1J0 920 946 C to mine, you have to swap some wiring around on the green 32 pin plug, Pins 30,31,32. You will get an error code for the glow plug wiring, as this is done over CAN on the later cars and not via the pin on the 32way...
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    cluster clock and mileage display Illumination colour change

    Is my KUNG FU better than yours.....?:D
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    Instrument Cluster K impulse value

    Sorry yes its a 946 CX cluster. I Looked at the Eeprom dump, and the address you mentioned does have C8 0D, which as you say is 3528. However I was under the impression that the late clusters had 3538. Or isit the other way around? My problem is that my MPG reading is way out, so I'm...
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    Instrument Cluster K impulse value

    For the 1J0 920 946 cluster.
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    Instrument Cluster K impulse value

    HI, I have been looking for the thread that Nihilator did regarding his work on the K value for the speedo but unable to find it.(I did search). What I have done is fit a late 1J0 920 946 cluster to a 1J0 919 XXX car, I know from what i have read, (So I stand to be corrected) that the K value...