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    B4 and mk4 cleanout

    If the A4 cargo cover is for a wagon, I will take it
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    FS: CTN Trans + Various MK3 Parts

    I will take the turbo inlet pipe and right rear taillight if for a sedan.
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    FS: ALH Tools (VCDS MetalNerd)

    PM sent for the glowplug harness and glass headlight lens
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    FS: rebuilt AHU short block

    Are the pistons standard or oversize?
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    AHU stock turbo & manifold

    I will text this evening
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    AHU stock turbo & manifold

    May need the intercooler piping to 21701, thanks!
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    FREE: B4 parts

    I will take what's left. PM sent
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    Need Picture of Cooling Hoses and Electrical Connections for 2002 Jetta ALH Manual Transmission Rebuild

    I am using the 5 speed power steering hardline back to the steering rack. Boertje set me a picture showing a double headed bolt in the forward transmission bracket bolt location, so attached the hardline there with a band clamp, so it is all good now. As far as a quick move, my now ex partner...