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    more powerful diesel fuel

    Jeśli używasz angielskiego, będziesz bardziej prawdopodobne, że uzyskasz pomoc.
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    FS: Borg Warner S356V VNT turbo for 400bhp!

    Is this white wagon the one that got a feature in Performance VW? The one that has been converted to petrol?
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    WTB ALH 02J Stock 5th Gear Set. SW Ohio

    I found what I needed on Ebay. Thanks TDI Club has a really handy feature called PM.
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    Wrecked fixable 2015 VW Golf TDI SEL

    I guess it looks like a big job to me because I'm not really a body man, but that left rear quarter panel is pretty hit in the mouth.
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    WTB ALH 02J Stock 5th Gear Set. SW Ohio

    I need a stock size 02J 5th gear set. Thanks.
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    WTB 2002 ALH Complete Shift Box W/ Cables

    I'd like a complete shift box with cables in good condition. Thanks in advance!
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    What can the 02J Trans Handle

    Hi guys. I primarily want to know how many guys are able to use their 02J for sporty/spirited driving? It seems that if I try to heal toe (very hard because of throttle pedal position) or downshifting w/o clutching I end up grating gears 60% of the time. Has anyone else had success with this...
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    04 BEW Stage 1 Tuning

    Hi, I know this isn't really a tuning forum, but doesn't allow talk about hacked/cloned software so I thought I'd give it a try here. I have an ebay mpps cable (v13 I think) and I tuned my ALH with it ok. I tried to read my BEW and it seemed to read out fine, but when I load...
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    WTB Used BEW Turbo

    Need used BEW turbo. I'd like something with 100k or less. Either stock replacement or VNT17. Thanks!
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    02 ALH Stock ECU File

    Hi, does anyone have or know where I can download a stock ecu file for an 02 ALH. I want an unmodified one that i can flash to my car. Thanks.
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    WTB 00-05 Manual Trans Parts

    WTB 00-05 manual transmission selector shaft and selector shaft casting. Here is a pic showing the casting piece I need.