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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Paid like $5.46 yesterday. jumped about 40 cents for the holiday weekend :( Diesel is now more than super unleaded. Diesel was the same price as regular unleaded last time I filled
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    1997 passat smoke

    Blue smoke at start up is a sign of bad valve guide seals. Oil trickles down past the seal and down the valve shaft when motor is off and is instantly burned up at startup It’s such a slow oil leak the motor has to be off awhile before enough accumulates to show blue smoke at startup. Pretty...
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    2 Meter RF noise! Please help

    I bet the coolant heater is the culprit. It draws a lot of amps on start up but turns off when motor warms up. It is a great big resistor and probably has a big magnetic field.
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    How far on bad wheel bearing

    I had a bad rear bearing completely let go after trying to nurse a squeeling bearing until the weekend to change it. The rear caliper bracket will prevent the wheel from coming off but it will destroy the rotor. The amount of play would be dangerous at speed since the rear end be loosely...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $4.89 in Silverdale, WA yesterday. It’s been the same price as regular gas for awhile now
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Paid $4.59 gallon yesterday in Silverdale :(
  7. 216EDCC1-33E0-45F5-B697-232AC122D220.jpeg


    New Spoiler welded and finished
  8. A39CDFCB-CF4D-4C43-8047-CBF6E094DF4A.jpeg


  9. 60272AEF-8B0E-4F08-BB5F-4E213426DF24.jpeg


    Old temp spoiler
  10. 3A023DE7-B2E0-4A42-96BB-C7DAE9BB522D.jpeg


    Skirt shaped and welded
  11. 09F60E67-52C7-4214-88C7-7A82006D2359.jpeg


    Front view skirt
  12. 2E75AE60-61DA-4083-ADD9-1CDD9BAD3BE3.jpeg


    Quarter view skirt
  13. 3D823AB4-0AB9-4743-979D-7BE682E4DF26.jpeg


    Front wheel opening closed in with side dam and skirt deflecting air across
  14. E242F770-378D-4952-AABC-7A5D2C75BE5D.jpeg


    Skirt exit
  15. 7A375547-EC1E-4D31-B449-29D23F41F758.jpeg


    Side dam integrated to rear wheel cover