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    Totaled B4V, buy back from insurance?

    Insurance company will probably not insure it even if you rebuild it. They are getting picky with rebuilt title losses. My insurance company will not insure any rebuilt title losses. I would buy a gasser wagon and convert it. Then you can have ABS, a better interior, a sunroof, and nicer...
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    Heads up: B4V roller for sale located in Waterford, WI

    Well, it did go to the scrapper true to his word, and I bet he got less than $200 for it.
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    Dealer screwed up oil change - Now what?

    Also, there must have been oil streaming out coming straight from the dealer and there should be a trail of oil leaving the service bay and going down the road. Nobody noticed? Or noticed and said nothing. Another level of incompetence. Yelp review, coming up......... And BBB review if...
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    Dealer screwed up oil change - Now what?

    I would ask/demand from the dealer,: 1. a rebuilt long block, or 2. a full engine extended warranty to cover any failures for at least two years or 30k miles. 3. Or I would make them pull the oil pan and allow yourself (or your own mechanic) to visually inspect the rod and mains bearings to...
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    weird problem with power window.

    I have the same issue but it is the rear driver's side. It went up and down on its own on a vacation trip twelve years ago, then eventually stayed down. It was no fun with my boy in the back seat. He freaked out. I made it to our destination, removed the panel, and unbolted the window from...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    The B4 front windshield if replaced is supposed to be set in a bed of special urethane. A portion of the original seal is peeled out and separated and then a bed of special urethane installed, then the windshield is set in the urethane and allowed to cure for 12 hours. At least that is how...
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    Mpg of a jetta sportwagon?

    32.4 mpg at 80 mph would be over 40 mpg at 70 mph and below. What was your tire pressure? Run close to max tire pressure for best gas mileage. Not many newer cars can get over 40 mpg at 80 mph without modifications.
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    FS: 1982 VW Rabbit TDI Swapped

    If only you were 2,500 miles closer.....
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    TDI sitting unused for 1.5 years, stale diesel?

    I parked my TDI for 8 years with half a tank of diesel with only some diesel kleen additive. I started driving it again this year when fuel price skyrocket and I only topped the tank with fresh diesel. No problems. I didn't even have to put a new fuel filter in it.
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    vacuum line under EGR valve? Passat 1Z

    I was hoping it was a diaphragm vent for the EGR. I will try to get a picture.
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    vacuum line under EGR valve? Passat 1Z

    I swapped out nozzles this weekend and I noticed a 1' long piece vacuum hose attached to the underside of the EGR valve. The other end of the hose is broken. Is the hose just a vent? Or does it connect somewhere. The top vacuum hose is properly connected to the EGR valve. My vacuum diagram...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    I installed new Bosio DLC 520 injectors to replace my crappy china sourced 205 injector nozzles. Idles and runs so much smoother now. I hope I get a decent gas mileage increase.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    I saw $4.99 for a gallon of diesel and $5.07 for unleaded Sunday. So diesel is cheaper than unleaded for the first time in awhile here.
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    Headlight Upgrade for Mk3 Jetta?

    Projector lights are great but require you to remove the headlight lens to install the projectors and hopefully get a projector install with an alignment close enough that you can aim these with the factory adjustment in the housing. Then you reseal the lens back on. I have done a few...
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    Rust repair

    While that is cut open to remove the rust, rust treat the entire inside cavity after blowing it out with water and compressed air. That repair is not that bad. I would cut and butt and weld in a repair piece instead of overlapping a new piece over the top. Hit it with some epoxy primer or...