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    T5 2.5 5 cyl Engine Pictures?

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    Delete auto-locking feature?

    I don't mean the one that locks the doors at 5 MPH, but the one that re-locks your doors if you don't pull open one of them. The same one that locks your keys inside if you own a van since the rear doors don't count as a door being opened. :mad: I have vag-com but I can't find any coding...
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    174 HP PD Pics

    Haven't been here for a while but I thought you guys might appreciate these pics of my new PD ride posted thanks to a guy (Room 13) on the Vortex Ev forum. It's the all new T5 van
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    Weird Problem - need help

    My guess for the brain teaser is that the MAP and MAF readings are genuine and the ECU is going into limp home mode because of the high MAP. So I think it's a boost control problem, probably N75. I bet you get a charge presure deviation code at least. I'll be interested to know if the ECU...
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    Hard starting, was Glowplug relay location

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I don't think it works that way round. The ECU reads the ETC and actuates the glow plug relay depending on the coolant temp recorded. It sounds like either there could be a problem with the wire between the ECT and the ECU or with the ECU...
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    Golf AHU timing graph

    Golf AHU timing graph I've got a '96 Golf timing belt to do tommorrow. Anyone know where the pump timing graph was posted? Brodie:)
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    'Rolling section' or maybe 'Fred's Choice'

    \'Rolling section\' or maybe \'Fred\'s Choice\' . [ March 05, 2002, 23:38: Message edited by: Brodie ]
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    Quick help!

    I'm hoping sombody can help me out quickly with something. I have my engine running after the timing belt change but it's clearly miles retarded. I want to advance it slightly so it will run ok to warm up for a Vag-Com check but it may not be the same as normal TDIs. The book only describes...
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    5 cylinder timing belt (s) change

    I'm in the middle of changing both timing belts on my Eurovan. It's supposed to be about a 4.5 hour job but I've had a few delays so far. Both belts are off (camshaft and fuel pump) I have a new tensioner for the front (camshaft) belt and I see the pump belt tensioner is ok. I got snowed off...
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    Another bad MAF graph

    This is my first attempt at graphing the log I made of my MAF. I hope it works. Looking at the "Actual" line I'm amazed that it still goes as well as it does. What do you think anyone? Sorry no pic yet Back to the drawing board. I don't think the image server likes my graph...
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    Having fun with Vag-Com and OE manual

    I just downloaded 115 pages of OE scan tool procedures and other engine stuff for my oddball 5 cyl TDI at It cost about 13 UK Pounds and worth every penny It puts names to most of the unlabeled moving numbers the ECU puts out for the Vag-Com to read. I know the...
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    Golf TDI PD Test

    I just caught the last 3 minutes of BBC TVs 'TopGear' programme last night. They were testing a Golf PD. I don't usually bother watching TopGear any more since it went for all style and no substance. It has been guilty of plenty of diesel bashing in the past too. But they loved the Golf PD...
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    How about a VAG-COM users section? Where folks could post questions and results from using the tool? The VAG-COM list is excellent but this would be TDI specific. Also an owners list and rough location would be helpful.
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    Driving the Sharan

    I drove a Sharan 1.9 TDI yesterday. One of our members already has one and has been less than impressed. I thought it was better than the Ford Galaxy which is a rebadged Sharan and shares nothing but name with the US Ford Galaxy. The Ford I drove was a top of the range V6 gasser, everything...
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    Should I buy a 2001 Jetta TDI Wagon for a taxi?

    Thomas, Here in England where fuel is REALLY expensive no sane person drives anything but a diesel as a taxi! The Jetta seems ideal. Some might moan about the size but you can soon shut them up when you tell them what's under the hood. (You sure this is a diesel?) If you run a diesel warm...