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    EA288 Cam Issue? '15 GSW

    Hey guys, Backstory: As some of you have seen in a couple posts my car has been at my local dealer for over a month now waiting on a replacement water pump/full timing belt service after the other unit started leaking at ~90k miles (original? unknown). After being told the water pump was on...
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    Tallest tire for 16" wheel on a GSW

    Hey guys, I promise I have searched and I really apologize if this has been covered already for a MK7 platform vehicle. I drive on some pretty poor and un-maintained roads in the winter and am trying to figure out the tallest tire I can stuff on a 16" wheel (VW steelies) under my stock GSW...
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    '10 Jetta RCD-510 Dead/Upgrade

    Accidental re-post...can mods delete?
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    '10 RCD-510 Dead/Upgrade

    Hey guys, I have a good friend with a '10 Jetta TDI in which their RCD-510 took a complete dump, as a lot of them do. We are looking to purchase a replacement unit and upgrade for added functionality, if possible. I see many posts about the "AF" models being the best but I want to know if and...