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    FS: 2Mircon Filter housing & window deflectors

    I'd be interested in the contain flow if it's still available. Steve
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    Spare Key Cost

    What about these guys? way cheaper that the dealership.
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    2microntech - Helping to Keep Your Common Rail VW Alive!!

    I've been trying to get one since last February and have opted to have my car "fixed" if and when that ever occurs. I really don't like the idea of buying a used setup as it could be a real hassle if its missing parts etc... Andrew I really don't understand why you seem unwilling to make these...
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    OEM wheel database now has 120 rims!

    I think we have winner! I completely forgot to look at the R8 styles. Thanks!
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    OEM wheel database now has 120 rims!

    Wheel ID Anyone have a guess what type wheels these are? Bought the car from a dealership in October and they had no clue. I was thinking they're some kind Audi reps but I haven't really found anything that is close. I haven't had the time to pull a wheel of to see if there are markings they're...