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    Passat Timing belt change 2012

    Hey, guys have not been around the forum in a while since getting rid of my TDI Beetle. I am looking at a 2012 Passat SEL 2 TDI. Has 113, 000 mile on it, and am trying to figure out if it worth it, to buy it that is and will need to about turn around and change the belt etc. asking price is...
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Wanted to reach out, I’m not brand new but be gone a while. Looking to hook up with all my TDI friends from around Columbia SC/Chaplin, and there about. Going to Columbia in the a.m. to look at a 2012 Passat TDI 2.0
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    14' Jetta drivers side low beam out

    Not as of today.... I'm pissed off now, and going around with one headlight..At least my HID's are bright enough at least I can see... Since I can't find a bad fuse, Im wondering if there isn't something that controls the headlight (on/off) besides the switch that is out????? My local dealer...
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    14' Jetta drivers side low beam out

    Have pulled the headlight pod check continuity with all the wires, check the harness plug for voltage, when lights on, there is no voltage at the low beam plug. I have to the best of my knowledge checked every fuse in the fuse block but don't know which ones are the one for the headlights, I...
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    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Im Coming Been away for a while look forwared to coming back to the GTG Scene.. And Dan's House...
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    Door electrical issues ?? Please Help.

    Thanks I took the screws out of it and took off the spring but couldn't seem to get it all the way apart. But i did flush it with electronics cleaner and blew it out and let it dry, and tested it again and still no door lock, and it for sure is causing the windows to go down, cause it did it...
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    Door electrical issues ?? Please Help.

    Ok i have continuity test every wire in the harness going to the door. I pulled the kick panel/door panel unplugged the harness and tested every wire, I connected the multimeter to each one and moved, squashed, pinched and pulled, all wire kept continuity. Could it be the door control module...
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    Door electrical issues ?? Please Help.

    Can you unplug the door wiring harness under the dash and pull the whole thing out and check it? Or what's the best way ? By the way the key wont turn to the unlock position now
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    Door electrical issues ?? Please Help.

    Ok it's my turn with crazy issues like these. My auto door lock stopped working on the drivers side didn't think much about it. Now, my key got stuck in the door, turned it to unlock it, and wouldn't turn back, got it out finally, and drove home. Got out, opened the hatch, closed it, drivers...
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    Chapin, SC GTG January 22nd, 2011 Rocketchip Tunes

    Sorry I missed it Just wanted to say sorry I missed the GTG Dan, Its been a while since Ive been on the board and up at Dan's. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.
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    June 4th & 5th AVL GTG

    Count me in Put it on the calendar... Look forward to it since I missed it last year..
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    Doin's at Dan's

    Update Well, turned out both heads where cracked between the valves in multiple places. had to buy two rebuilt heads at $245 each. Anyway all is back together got to double check all wiring etc tomorrow. One header was cracked 3/4 way around and it is out getting welded now. Going to...
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    Doin's at Dan's

    Dan , just wanted to share my lovely project for the next couple weekends, got all the incidentals out the way and disconnected and all but pulled the heads in a few hours yesterday, disconnected the exhaust, and pulled the headers, and the heads today. Off to the machine shop this week...
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    crud leaking out around intake

    My 98 is doing the same thing, started after intake cleaning. Have been told its probly a pinched egr o-ring.
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    My 98' Beetle TDI

    Euro Fog - Rear You might wonder Why??? Well, It saved my lunch and a few others in the mountains last year, in fog/clouds and all any of them could see in front of them was my Rear Fog....