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    Glow Plug code

    If Bosch no longer sells these ceramic glow plugs, how could my mechanic purchase & install them only a few months ago? I like NGK products, they are of the highest quality, but I have not heard of any such recall of Bosch glow plugs. I'll investigate further to see if Bosch is still in the glow...
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    Glow Plug code

    It's an 06 Jetta, stick shift. I cleaned the connections and put some electrical grease on the tips of each plug connector. The light will still not go out? Maybe it is the plugs?
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    Glow Plug code

    A scan of my system after the engine light on my dash appeared, I have two plugs potentially burned out. CodeP0671 & P0673 tells me that both glow plug one and three appear to be malfunctioning. Since all my glow plugs were changed 6 months ago, I'm a bit surprised to experience such short life...
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    Cooling fan, burnt wire smell question

    Has anyone else's A5 Jetta experience a burning electrical odor when their cooling fan burned out? Please chime in- I'd like to hear about your experience. Thanks
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    Cooling fan, burnt wire smell question

    I have a burnt wire smell under the hood by the front cooling fan (the larger one of the two fans). My mechanic inspected and said that the cooling fan motor is starting to burn out and is creating this odor. Will a fan motor make this smell before it gives out. The fan still starts up and...
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    Heads up! Check you cylinder head fasteners.

    Very interesting. I bought a new Fiat Strada back in 1981, a cool car but experienced the usual Fiat problems. In my owners manual as part of the PDI (pre-delivery inspection) Fiat recommended that the dealer check and re tourqe the head bolts. Were they forward thinking or just being cautious...
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    Why does my 2006 PD smoke at startup sometimes?

    MY A5 Jetta smoked from day one, mile one at start up- the dealer had no explanation for me as well? Fuel quality may be part of it, but my previous A4 started up with no smoke and would only emit a puff or so under heavy acceleration. Do we have a forum member with an A5 BRM engine being...
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    Lemon Law questions

    I hired an attorney who specializes in the Lemon Law to file with Chrysler on my behalf about 4 years ago. My new Sebring was plagued with problems that the dealer could not repair properly. After 9 months of waiting I was offered $5000 to walk away from the suit and keep the car. My attorney...
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    Amsoil In this Thread only

    Interesting result- what is the difference in oil chemistry between the AFL & DEO? I see many on the site are using Mobil ESP & TDT in their PD's- I wonder if they are risking premature cam failure?
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    Oil analysis with ZDDP

    Is Mobil 1 TDT a group III or IV & V oil? Why have PD owners decided to use this oil in their engines? Does it have some special chemistry or additives that provide the 505.01 protection, even though it's not an approved or rated oil? Thanks
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    Intake Flap Motor aka Anti-shutter Valve aka PITA

    I just replaced mine at 67K miles. My check engine light came on and off for a month or two. Had the codes scanned, it was P2112 as well. The anti shutter valve was getting stuck in a closed position, finally the motor started making a screaching noise, very loud and audible and I had it...
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    Glow plug replacement

    I just chnaged all four plugs. My engine light came on and three out of 4 plugs were bad, so I just changed all 4. They lasted 68K miles, not too bad, but wish they could hold out for 100K...
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    NJ TURNPIKE no ulsd?

    I'm certain that it's ULSD, but when will the industry take the labeling issue seriously enough to clean up their act. If someone reports them to the NJ Gasoline Retailers Association or the EPA, I'd bet they'd jump on it pronto. From my perspective, the type of fuel, it's cetane level and...
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    Warranty on CV boots

    Seriously, consider the slip cv boot replacement. For under $10.00, it's worth an attempt to repair and save you a lot of cash. I used it on my old VW Fox some years ago and it lasted forever.
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    Screeching anti shutter valve

    If I had the equipment to set up the engine specs afterwards, that may be an option, but i lack a vag-com. Looks like it's time to replace it- does anyone have an idea of the cost of a new one? Do I need to buy from the dealer or are aftermarket parts available? This unit failing at 68K miles is...