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    Attracting more people?

    I think that's an excellent idea, "Here in Spirit", List them on the website, Maybe send them a TDIFest bumber sticker or lapel pin. It would be interesting to see how that would go.
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    Slow speed driving skills competition

    I've just got to share this. My 16 year old son was with me over the weekend. He loves cars. Got a 2000 GTI GLX 4 months before his birthday. Now, he'd like to sell it and get a TDI. If only we could find one within a few hour drive of Milwaukee for under 8k dollars. Anyway, he emailed...
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    Safest setting for headrest?

    Ditto. Those guys and their Bimmers. I would like one except then I would be one of those guys.
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    Safest setting for headrest?

    I really think it depends on how tall you are, your seat position, etc. For me, forward and low seems to work. Lean your head back, my headreast makes contact to the middle of my head. Is this wrong?
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    Safest setting for headrest?

    Seriously. I lean mine forward and low because it looks cool
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    Attracting more people?

    I think it's just the day and age we live in. I used to work for a very large company that had many social events. Back in the 40's 50's and 60's, they had tremendous turnouts. It started declining in the 70's and by the 90's hardly anybody came. People are just "TOO BUSY" I know your...
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    Fest Write-up

    Well Ed, I already posted my funny and good stories elsewhere. Like Slow Speed skills, Road Rally Skills. I guess I have no skills. Want me to do it again?
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    Slow speed driving skills competition

    I am "I forget your name" and I am man enough to admit it. I just thought "My" course was better than yours. The last time I did something like that (with cones, on an official course) was in 1972. I was 16 years old, driving a 1967 Beetle. They had a "good" course. I didn't get lost once...
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    Web Gallery of 2005 TDIfest *DELETED*

    Re: Web Gallery of 2005 TDIfest Nice Job Leicaman! Love that Wide Angle View! No Photos of my car?
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