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    Is the front knuckle on TDI B4 same as VR6 ? (ETKA says yes)

    As I mentioned I put a feeler out but there's not a lot of Mk3 GTI VR6 or Jetta GLX VR6 interest around here so I'm not holding out much hope. Also, junked B4 VR6 cars are few and far between so that doesn't help either. Steve
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    specs on the 96-97 fuel filter o-ring?

    The o-rings for the filter T adapter come with the filter unit itself, unlike the Mk4 which are on the T fitting. Every time you change the filter you get a new o-ring...or you should. As for the size I can't say, it's a filter part and not part of VW's parts system. Steve
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    Is the front knuckle on TDI B4 same as VR6 ? (ETKA says yes)

    Steering knuckles (spindle, bearing carrier, etc) for 4 cylinder cars are the same, only for 6 cylinder will they be different. Same goes for control arms. 4 cylinder are same gas to diesel (and same side to side) but 6 cylinder are different and specific for each side. This is for NA imports...
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    Glow plug issue and some general questions

    Well there is a glow problem you need to track down and fix first, but if it's not below 40F you shouldn't need to have glow if the motor is in good shape and there's good battery and fuel present. I can't tell you if that relay is correct, it is not a number I recognize and nor is it like the...
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    Glow plug issue and some general questions

    Anything above 40 the system will not pre-heat, the light should flash but then go out. Below 40 the system will glow properly. The ED ECU is the first that was used for the US imported Mk3 Jetta with the 1Z engine, so basically in 1997 only. The JB ECU followed the ED and was considered to be...
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    B4 Parts request before I place a WTB ad

    Awesome Elias - post up more pics as it gets closer to completion. I take it everything worked out fine with the front suspension conversion? Steve
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Installed group 49A battery today in the B3V conversion, it fit in the space with a little room to spare. I think it's 13.5" wide, cable length was not a problem either, then again I might be using Mk3 cables. This is not an AGM battery although I think have a group 49 or comparable AGM coming...
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    B4 v-belt removal

    PS mounting is identical between gas and diesel for the 4 cylinder engines except for bracket 18 which is only slightly different. The spring loaded alternator bracket is for a different setup that I don't believe we got here in the US. Steve
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    Another one bites the dust

    They go fast...always. Personally I like the European ones that are white reflector only, the marker lights don't do anything for me. There's a host of parts that go quickly, and the corner markers, the turn sigs and reflector inserts as well as the fog lamps and lower grille are all big demand...
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    Two 96 Passat TDI cars at Summit IL Pick n Pull

    You can't really do much about looking at what parts are left, the yard is a Upull yard and once they place it in the yard they're basically done with it until it leaves around 30-45 days later. You can see them as they were when they arrived by going to and searching for them...
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    Another one bites the dust

    Around here they still allow the sale of airbags, there's no restriction on that yet, but I would guess that at some point it'll become an issue. And similarly they don't restrict the sale of seats with bags either...for now. Steve
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    Another one bites the dust

    Most JY's are now punching tanks in preparation for placing vehicles in the yard. It's local practice here and it just means one more part that can't sold and that tanks on the market are limited to what's out there. You can still find tanks at other full service JY's, that's how I did mine on...
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    replacing injection pump seals

    Never suggested replacing distributor head seal required removing the pump, but neither does it require removing the top cover either. You can tell when the pump is at the top of the cam lobes without pulling the cover. The point of my post was that replacement of one seal on a pump where all...
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    Another one bites the dust

    LC3T is rare both in the Mk3 (Indian Red) and especially the B4 cars (red pearl). Most B4's are green, followed by storm grey and white, then comes windsor blue, satin silver, black magic, tornado red, twilight violet and finally red pearl. This is all based on my exposure and just...