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    ABS brake fluid bleed question

    Recently replaced front calipers, hoses, pads and rotors. Did normal pressurized bleed at ~12 psi pushing air, seemed to go well, except - you guessed it: mushy pedal. No hard grab. Did a couple bed-in runs ~40 MPH, slam pedal down to 20 MPH. I think I still have air in the system. I'm thinking...

    Serpintine belt to tight

    If you decide to buy a new belt get this one: Continental - Accessory Belt - 6PK1660

    Door Card Re-Upholster

    Nice job! That looks excellent IMO.

    Door Card Re-Upholster

    Joann Fabrics has some Chinese, but the stretch on the ones I saw wasn't that great. Might be worth the trip though.

    Door Card Re-Upholster

    Well, here's a good thread about this, and I'll probably go this way when I get around to having to repair them: P.S. I have it from a really excellent thread on here about re-upholstering...

    '03 TDI cam shaft position sensor

    Sounds like you don't have a real good history on the car's maintenance? How old is the timing belt? Your symptoms could easily be a slipped timing belt. If it was me 1st thing I would do is verify timing as I inspected the timing belt for lost teeth. 19mm socket on the crank, turn clockwise...

    Has VW stopped using melting 'soft-touch' plastics on interiors?

    Don't mean to be a dick, but you should really look into wearing gloves for your work. Consistently exposing your skin to petrochemicals is a good way to get yourself some cancer, bro. They make gloves for a reason, and it's not to keep your hands looking dainty.

    Has VW stopped using melting 'soft-touch' plastics on interiors?

    Hahaha. Not so bad in the A4 I think. My interior door handles look kinda cool all scraped up. Like an old spaceship! At least the plastic underneath is nice and shiny. Protected, like. Under the protective soft-touch coating lol Soon enough it will look new again! But really, chalk it up to...

    Injection Pump cap nut torque setting

    Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, GTI 1999,2000,2001,2002, 2003,2004,2005 Service Manual 1.8L turbo, 1.9L TDI and PD diesel, 2.0L gasoline, 2.8L VR6 • I A4 Platform You mentioned ALH so..

    Injection Pump cap nut torque setting

    The big nut that's on the driver's side? which clamps the hard fuel return tube between two copper crush washers? Bentley says "Tighten to 25 Nm (18 ft-Ib)". Probably want to replace those washers too. I just noticed in this pic the washers are both on one side....bzzzt. Wrong lol
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    VE pump

    Step-by-step Intake manifold removal and cleaning

    No, soaking won't usually clean it overnight. I soaked mine in LA's Awesome for a few weeks. Then still had to scrape and brush out the gunk left over. Think old butter knives, and sturdy bottle brushes, pressure washer. There's also the blow-torch method. Either way you're going to make a mess...

    Help Powertrain Data Bus failure X3 - cluster, ABS, Airbag

    Hello! Just in case you've never seen the ross-tech wiki (like some here), I'll put these here: These are great...

    Engine Code and Resolved

    Nice. Well, I have heard that removing and attempting to re-seat the engine air filter doesn't really work. I have heard it's kind of a one-time seal. Hopefully someone else chimes in on that idea. IMO, it's worth the cost of a new filter to protect the MAF and turbo itself.

    Waste gate actuator?

    The Variable vane actuator, when out of adjustment can make the car over- or under-boost - generally throws a CEL for that. Long term use of the mis-adjusted turbo can cause damage. Symptoms are Limp Mode.