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    Guru's Help please. A5 BRM Engine speed sensor, ECU & grounds

    i did report it the other day
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    Guru's Help please. A5 BRM Engine speed sensor, ECU & grounds

    I would like to thank Bob S with his original post about the chafing of the wiring in the engine harness.My car has been trouble free for 200,000 miles until last week,when I experienced bucking and stalling.I got the code p0726 and thought it was a sensor until I read this thread.I repaired the...
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    Easter egg - auxilary heater?

    It think you have to have climatronic to have the auxillary heater it works great even when its 7 degrees out
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    oem battery life

    I replaced mine after 5 years.
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    ???? front park lamp out???

    I've had the problem for 6 years. I found out when the the are in auto mode it happens. When I idiot light comes on I cycle the switch off and on then the idiot light goes off.
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    dumb question--engine block heater

    a preheated engine gets better mileage than a cold engine
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $3.71/ gallon yesterday at Hess in Wall,nj
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    Why did you buy a TDI?

    I bought the Jetta because I wanted to fill it once a week. I commute 600 miles a week.I have over 156000 miles and it still runs great.
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    175,000 and still counting

    150,000 miles on my 2005.5 no problems at all just normal maintenance.I do highway miles 95% of time.
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    Wide angle mirrors for an A3 try this link you should find them here
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    80k service waterpump?

    100k is the scheduled tb and waterpump change
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    Where to get interior trim parts

    1st VW Parts . com
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    Speaker Rattle issue finally caught up with me...

    I replaced all my door speakers and made a metal plate adapter for the mid driver and the rattle disappeared. I think mid was causing all the rattling.
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    Most miles on BRM WITHOUT cam issues

    138,000 so far no problems
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    Fuel mileage question

    I usually average 630 miles per tank with 1\8 left every week mostly highway. When the temps drop below 50 I lose 4-5 mpg.