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    Hesitation/stutter while driving

    Having an odd issue that I’m looking to try and track down. First: there are no check engine lights While driving when first started during the day, OCCASIONALLY I will have stuttering like a cylinder is missing (I compare it to having a coil pack failure on my golf r). Doesn’t happen again...
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    Exhaust system upgrade

    Gents. Just purchased a 2013 sportwagen. It’s cpo so I’d prefer to leave the dpf physically intact and would like a “bit” more noise. Are there exhaust kits that can help me with my desire or not so much.
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    What is my car worth.....

    It truly pains me to even question this but I'm considering selling my beloved first car. 2002 Jetta gls auto(I know.....) Basics 130k miles(been parked 2 years) Gli brakes Black leather recaro heated leather seats Gli headliner Stereo work Votex body kit Boser hood Retrofit...
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    Traveling to Toronto

    Hello, I'll be traveling to Toronto at the end of June for a vacation with my girlfriend. We'll be doing the whole Niagara falls deal, and just wondering if I could get some suggestions of places to go, things to do, etc. We're pretty open to try things, and etc. We'll probably be there...
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    Who's going to TDIFest? need a possible parts delivery to WI

    Looking to buy some parts from an individual and he'll be at tdifest and i'm looking for someone to possibly pick up the parts for me there and i'll arrange meet up once you get them back.
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    MK4 Jetta Hood and Fenders

    Hey guys, I bought a pair of shaved fenders and a boser hood, so I will have my stock hood/fenders for sale. Hood150 fenders 150 for the pair? i would say condition is good for 10 year old parts that are factory. some rusty rock chips in the hood, but nothing overly noticeable. Fenders...
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    FEELER FS: TDI parts 2.5" exhaust, in WI

    There is a possibility i may be getting a 3" eurojet exhaust and wondering if there is someone that would like to buy my 2.5" tdi parts exhaust. Currently still on the car with about 20k on the exhaust, no muffler, had one on there but had a straight pipe section welded in and then promptly...
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    18x8 OZ superturismo sorry to post a link, its just easier for me to not repeat all info. looking for cash primarily or upgrading. make an offer.
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    Need opinions for custom plate

    i'm going to be getting a euro trunk to further improve the looks of my jetta. so i figured it fitting to get a euro plate to attach at shows and gathering and such. my ideas so far(with a little wit for most): smok stak smoker pak a day smok bomb blakout mpg racer no battry make...
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    sprint booster power converter

    i got an email from a vendor about these and wondering if anyone has used one and if its actually worth it. just curious if its worth the like 300 bucks
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    FEELER: Koni FSD W/ Eibach Springs

    Wondering if anyone would be interested in my koni FSDs, with Eibach sport springs. work great and I really enjoy them, but i'm looking to upgrade to coilovers and wondering if anyone is interested in these before I decide on coils. if interested make me an offer. set has 20k on it, one WI...
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    SEARCHING for brake upgrade packages

    I noticed today that the brakes on my 2002 are starting to wear kind of close and they will need replacing in spring and looking to upgrade to gli brakes or brakes of similar size, wondering whats out there for packages and where it is recommended that I go about purchasing.
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    Anyone interested in the Kettle Kruise?

    alright all you southeast wisconsin tdi guys, one of the guys who puts together the kettle kruise for venom motorsports(a milwaukee vw club for those who don't know) asked me to post up here to see if any of the tdiers are interested in going along for the drive, more information can be found in...
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    exhaust question

    i apologize first off if this is the wrong location. will an exhaust from a 1.8t downpipe fit the flange on the tdi downpipe? i have the opportunity to buy a 2.5" exhaust for a 1.8t for 75 bucks. Wondering if it will fit. it sounds like a homemade exhaust so...i'm wary. or should i just...