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    '91 Vanagon Automatic mTDI ALH Conversion

    anyone have any old pics from this thread? thanks
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    v10 starts, sputters, dies

    I am a relative of the uncle the OP posted. I bought the v10 from my uncle. Long story short the vanes on the turbo seized and closed off the exhaust passage. It was choking to death. 2 new turbos and a Malone tune and I've put 7k miles on it. Love it.
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    v10 starts, sputters, dies

    Anymore insight on a possible corrupt file? As in how it became corrupt can a new file be over written
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    18000 code on a swapped alh.

    Just got ready for my first drive in the shops alh tdi kubvan. However. I am getting a map sensor altitude implausible corelation code. Checked measuring blocks 10/11 and the baro matches the manifold pressure. Requested vs actual matches. 150hp kit from kerma zero mile rebuilt long block s7...
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    WTB: MkIV upper intercooler pipe, exhaust manifold

    do you still need an upper IC pipe? sal
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    WTB: JSW Right rear tail light assembly

    I have a new OEM one for 135 shipped to you in NH.. lmk sal
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    ALH into a 63 DC.

    this is my question, there is already that plate that allows the oil to circulate through the oil cooler, so I see no reason to not be able to have a spin on filter there, the question is can I i just leave the cartridge out of the "stock" location.. I want the truck to appear as stock as...
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    ALH into a 63 DC.

    I dont doubt it, however in a double cab there is a bed over top of the filter housing in its stock location, I only wanted to simplify my oil changes..
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    ALH into a 63 DC.

    Hello, I am working on my personal/shops 63 doublecab. I have it mounted to the trans using a kennedy adapter. Working on a front engine mount/cradle. Had a couple questions. 1. has anyone used the alh filter housing without a filter in the top and put a spin on filter on the bottom...
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    WTB: alh head

    I have a head that has been dissassembled here at the shop, I can have it cleaned and either reassembled or mail you the parts and let you do it, I have all valves lifters springs and retainers, can include a cam or not. 250.00 plus shipping w/o cam sal
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    wtb: VW part number 038 109 239

    I can have you a new one for 150.00 shipped. sal
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    WTB: Black front center console in excellent condition

    hit you up on the vtex I believe, 95 shipped.
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    wtb: rear right abs sensor

    I have a new one for 49 shipped. sal
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    WTB: 02A Transmission for a 98 Jetta

    I have an extra in the N.GA TN area
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    WTB: BBS RX2 wheels

    I have a set disassembled for refinishing, they could be reassembled and ran as is.. 350 shipped to the portland area.