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    "lights on" buzzer

    Did WD-40 fix it? I am having the same problem, but my door lights do not work. The interior lights come on when the door is opened so it doesn't appear to be a door switch. When I leave the key in the ignition and/or leaving the lights on, when I open the door I get one ping, one ping only from...
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    using biodiesel

    I also have an 03 Jetta. I have used B100 for about 15K of the 22K on the car with no problems.
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    I've gone about 16K of 21K in a 2003 Jetta with no problem. In the winter, if it gets in the 30's I run about B50, otherwise it's B100. I haven't tried home brewing yet.
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    Biodiesel and VW Warranty

    I keep hearing that using biodiesel will void your cars warranty, yet every time I talk to the service reps at VW (Carter VW in Seattle and Chaplin’s in Bellevue), they always say the same thing. It doesn't void your warranty. With a disclaimer, they don't warranty the fuel that goes in your...
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    NB: Replace brake switch = brake booster failure

    I had the same thing happen to me. Here is a thread with some more info. Brakes hung-up? Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    Your pump died b/c of Bio? Post here! (edited)

    Currently about 10K on B100. No problems yet. Using it year round in Seattle.
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    VW dealers: why so much displeasure?

    I’ve been very disappointed with the dealer I’ve been going to. But, I’m more disappointed at my ‘03 Sedan. My problems started about 650 miles. Now at 9000 miles, in 8 months, it’s been in 6 times (a cumulative of over 30 days). So far it’s all been warranty work, so that’s nice. I keep going...
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    Brakes hung-up?

    That might not be a bad idea. What kind of a car would you be getting next? I'm pretty much waiting for the next major problem then I won't have any trouble taking mine back as a lemon. I wish I would have got a wagon in the first place...
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    Brakes hung-up?

    I feel your pain! My dealer is the same way. Another person took (or faxed) this thread in to the dealer and apparently that helped. Maybe another dealer would be a good idea too. That is what I am trying next time. 2 of the 6 visits to service were caused by previous services! Best of luck!
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    rear brakes locking up on 2001 tdi

    Check out this post. Brakes hung-up? Good luck!
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    Brakes hung-up?

    TDITech That's good to hear. Hopefully it is better quality than the original. So far mine is still working. Can you tell me if garages other than the dealers can do warranty work? If so, can you recommend one in Seattle (Ballard). Thanks!
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    Brakes hung-up?

    Hello, I got my car back today. I was told that the brake booster was replaced. There was no more mention of the master cylinder. I live about 2 minutes from the dealer so I didn't get to see if the problem was really gone. I hope the replacement parts are not from the same batch that was used...
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    1400 miles (2254 km.) on 1 tank!!

    Thanks MITBeta! I appreciate you taking the time to help out.
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    1400 miles (2254 km.) on 1 tank!!

    How's that work?