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    Injector Diagnosis

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I never noticed the crack in the piston until I was working with the image to post it here. It was a holy sh1t moment for me $$$ climbing. The engine is already out of the car. I decided that would be the easiest way to also deal with cleaning the intake...
  2. injector malfunction

    injector malfunction

    Did not expect to find this unequal combustion.
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    Injector Diagnosis

    I had the misfortune of needing to remove the head due to some missing timing belt teeth. Hoping the experts here can help me diagnose this injector problem I discovered. I think the second cylinder (burned brown in image) has been over fueling, it has the thickest soot in the exhaust port and a...
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    How to trouble shoot flakey cruise control

    I have a cruse problem similar to TDIJetta99. Its on a 2004 golf PD every thing works normal except after a random amount of time it will loose up to 10 km/h. Adding fuel manually with the foot brings it back to setpoint and the cruse takes over again without moving any buttons. Any ideas of...
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    Extemely happy with Rocketchip Performance

    I have RC1+ on the BEW it is the best enhancer I ever added to any vehicle. Really wakes the car up.
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    1.9 TDI Powered Airplane

    Last summer I went to TDIfest, the rocket chip alone made it worth while. This year I am headed to Oshkosh.
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    1.9 TDI Powered Airplane

    The March issue of EAA's Sport Aviation shows a Finnish built aircraft powered by VW 1.9 TDI-JH1. Googling JH1 does not find any thing related to VW but the picture in the magazine looks like a PD engine. The highlight of the article is the miserly fuel burn - the 63 gallon wing tanks give it a...
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    2005 Passat TDI - Rough Idle Problem

    Mine vibrates at idle, its kind of a shock after the silky quiet smooth quality ride when in motion. The alternator pulley, front engine mounts bsm and cam are all new. When I replaced the CV boot I saw a four ring sticker on the axle hopefully the Chinese are not cloning stickers as well. I...
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    Leedogg is back- with a passat this time- transaxle leak question.

    Mine has a leak in the same spot. VW vortex has a fix it article. Since mine has high km I decided to top it up once a month until something else breaks in the area. This site already has good tips on how to fill it, do a search. Diagnosing the leak cost me a power steering hose. The fluid is...
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    Is it okay to idle the car for an hour or so?

    245k is low for a diesel. If it had no damage why did you take it apart?
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    Is it okay to idle the car for an hour or so?

    Idlers and smokers have about the same mentality. You can show a smoker pictures of rotten lungs, gum rot throat cancer and they continue to smoke. Show an idler pictures of tapered cylinder walls and thick carbon on the backs of valves and they will continue to idle. When the semis used to idle...
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    My Passat needs another engine

    It has been working very nicely for a year since I did the chainectomy and some unexpected stuff like engine mounts and camshaft. So I quickly forgot how over priced the parts seemed to be at the time.
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    My Passat needs another engine

    So now that you tofed the engine with a grease car kit just how much money did it save you? Three maf's in 30k you must be running a K&N filter. Someone should come up with a good acronym for them like Karnage & Negligence. My BHW runs like a fine piece of German engineering at 355k so I am not...
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    TDI Alberta Weather

    Stop idling, that is bad for the engine your wallet and the environment. There is a good thread some were on blocking air through the rad. Remember to stuff a plastic bag over the inter cooler that adds as much heat blocking the rad. The coolant glow plugs only work if the a/c is turned on. I...
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    Poor MPG, is there a concensus?

    Four tanks after fixing the torsion adjustment I see no difference in the mileage trend. Most tanks come in at 6.6 l/100km as usual. For the minority of the world that use unique USG's that translates to 39.9usmpg.