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    Upgraded my bulbs on my OSRAM LEDriving XENARC headlights

    I absolutely love how the aggressive my car looks with the OSRAM headlights on my Golf Wagon, but I just couldn't get over the fact that the HID lights had little improvement over the Halogen bulbs. I did some research on the European market and I found out the regulations to use 35w bulbs...
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    Suspension Upgrade by using VW Parts for my JSW

    I cleaned up the GTI rear sway bar as there were some rust on it and I painted it to provide some protection. Yesterday, I finally got around to installing the GTI sway bar on my 2014 JSW. You can see the thickness between the JSW and the GTI bar. 18MM vs 21.7MM thickness. All in all...
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    Big difference in GPS measured MPH and cluster MPH on 2010 JSW.

    I can't even get this to work on my 2014 JSW............... am I SOL?
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    2013 JSW - no backup camera

    My 2014 comes w/ the 315 and I added the cable and the camera in the car. It was very straight forward to do.
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    2011 Jetta tdi

    I've had pretty good success w/ other diesels by using liquid moly dpf cleaner. I've yet to try it on a VW.
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    Official Ontario stuff for sale thread

    HEX+CAN = unlimited VIN. I'd toss it up on ebay if I were you.
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    TDI Cup Edition on BaT

    That's amazing! Thanks for sharing! Does the car have the post diesel fix?
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    Suspension Upgrade by using VW Parts for my JSW

    I pulled a 2011 GTI RWB from the wreckers on Saturday for $20 CDN. I have yet to install the RSB on my JSW due to the weather lately. lol
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    Official Ontario stuff for sale thread

    If you have a legit Ross-Tech HEX+CAN cable, you will be able to make some $$$$ on ebay. They are selling for 400+ USD on ebay.
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    Suspension Upgrade by using VW Parts for my JSW

    So you're running a bigger rear bar w/ stock suspension on your JSW? how does it handle on turns w/ stock suspension?
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    Dpf delete 2011 jsw

    disclaimer - I have not done the delete myself. according a quick search, it looks like you plug the tube on the second picture?
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    Best affordable place to buy NOx sensor?

    I know it's not what you're looking for when it comes to finding the part you need. Since you mentioned you ordered the Ross-Tech VCDS, have you tried this NOx sensor troubleshooting method? The AF is a superseded part number from AD, which means it's a revision/improved from the previous...
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    Any iOS Apps that will let me read airbag codes?

    ODBEleven next gen will work with iOS buy it from these guys. They are knowledgeable with ODBEleven
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    Suspension Upgrade by using VW Parts for my JSW

    What is your suspension set-up on your JSW? I have not pulled the trigger on the Golf R struts/GTI rear sway bar.