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    wisc tdi owners

    Good news everybody, mine is finally paid off and a year and a half early too. The bad news is all the electronics are going on it, no blower, esp, seat heat, and the phantom lighting module bug (it comes and goes). How does a car always know when its paid off?
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    How to remove heater blower motor?

    What side of the fan is the resistor pack on? I pulled my fan out in 2 seconds but cant find those damn resistors, if thats even my problem.
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    No Heat, No Heated Seats :(

    I removed the blower motor (very easy) and it seems to spin freely and there is continuity when I measure it with the ohmmeter. Could it be this resistor pack that people are talking about? Where is this resistor pack? How do I know that its fried, the smell of burning or open circuits? Can I...
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    No Heat, No Heated Seats :(

    A few days ago I was driving in cold weather and the engine just started coming up to temp, the seats were toasty and the blower was nicely defrosting my windows. Then it all stopped, not the car but the warmth. The LEDS on the Climate control light up like nothing happened but no fan or heated...
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    I Destroyed My Lower Rear Transmission Mount!

    The title pretty much sums it up, the lower rear transmission mount is toast and it took the downpipe out with it, my frostheater, and radiator fan... so far. It snapped the bolt off in the transmission and there is a great deal of play in the motor as far as rocking it back and forth. This is...
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    Milwaukee, WI GTG, Saturday, May 22nd @ West Allis Auto Club

    I heard that as long as you can get at it from the bottom with enough room it isn't too bad. I also need to replace the drivers door harness and some speakers Roger Waters blew up but that can be done whenever.
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    Milwaukee, WI GTG, Saturday, May 22nd @ West Allis Auto Club

    I need to change my radiator fans, does anyone think they could help me with that? I need to take the car on a 5 hour trip to an enduro the next day and there is a chance I would want my AC on the way back. I also have a friend with a GTI who wants to get it tuned, would a 1.8t fit into Jeff's...
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    Door wires severed, must be a recall?

    How expensive is the harness, the same thing just happened to me.
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    Who Has Timing Belt Tools? (BRM)

    I may just buy the kit off of tdiparts and sell it when I'm done. The though of having Jason do it has occurred to me but its only a timing belt and it wouldn't be one of the craziest things I've done. I could try the mark and pray method but I don't quite trust myself that much. PM sent
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    Who Has Timing Belt Tools? (BRM)

    Oh they grow up so fast, don't they. My Jetta is almost at its 100k mile service interval and that means I have to get my timing belt replaced and swap out some filters. But there are some strange foreign tools that are needed to get the job done right, right? I could buy the toolkit, use it...
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    Spare CR engine and DSG anyone?

    See Dodge Viper, Porsche GT2/3, just about any liter bike, all vehicles that have a tendency to turn into a wreck before the motor is even broken in. Not exactly a Jetta but these things happen.
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    Spare CR engine and DSG anyone?

    I bought a motor from them once, I didn't go through ebay but went to the warehouse to pick it up. I went to the office and got my slip and drove into the yard with the only instructions being pick it up at door# ? and bldg# ? (I cant remember specifics.) I pull into the yard and its HUGE with...
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    SE Wisconsin/Milwaukee TDI

    I have a laptop, cable, and a motorcycle that can get me to anywhere in this corner of the state in less than an hour.:D I do have a cable and a good basic understanding of how the software works so if you know what your looking for I would be glad to help.
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    Milwaukee County Sheriff

    This This This!!! I have been paying through the nose for insurance since I was 19 and had to switch insurance companies. But in Milwaukee its pretty easy to get out of it, whatever you do do NOT let it slide and just pay the fine. Also, that was hardly what I would consider speeding.
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    New rear brakes, again

    So there is this huge gouge in the rear of my discs I need new brakes, anyone want to let me borrow a rewind tool in Wisconsin? And I have to rip up the center console to adjust my parking brake.