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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I always try to out my information from the MFD in the comments on Fuelly. There is definitely a correlation in average speed and the MPG for the tank. I usually try to take the least congested route but sometimes still get caught. I’ve also noticed a difference when it is hot and I’m running...
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    Highest Mileage EA288's?

    I left the garage with 85,000 on the odometer this morning. Bought in Nov. 2014 so averaging around 20,000 a year. I'm sure there are a lot higher out there, I'd have more but can't fit three carseats in the back so we use the wife's most of the time.
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I just updated over a years worth of data into Fuelly. I'm coming up on four years since I bought the car new and just unber 75k miles. My mileage has dropped some due to a different commute and we just relocated to NC this summer so its going to take a few more months to get an average for my...
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    VW TDI goodwill package: Offers $500 Visa cards & $500 dealer credits to TDI owners

    I received my notice yesterday and went to the dealer today after work to activate it. They said I was around the 5th person to activate it today. This was at the VW of Mobile dealership.
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I've logged the MFI mpg figure for each fillup on Fuelly. I have never had one close to the actual calculated mileage since I've owned the car. In fact, it appears to be getting worse the last few tanks. I have also taken a picture of the "refuel" page of the MFI each fillup so I could go...
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    2015 CR 150 tune available

    I like that the blatant flat spot in the torque curve between 2-3k rpm is gone. Does there seem to be any surge feeling at 2k because it looks like there is a significant spike at that rpm?
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    Malone tune for EA288 engine coming soon!

    I agree, it will be interesting to see. If it is possible to elimate the DEF then I would assume the tank could be retrofitted as a secondary diesel tank. :D
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    Fast idle immediately after start

    A couple of us mentioned noticing the same thing in another thread. Seems to be related with the AC usage. I never noticed it until warmer weather.
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    Air Conditioning Issues?

    I've noticed that as well. It usually occurs the first few minutes after startup when I have the AC on a higher setting.
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    MPG Records

    Awesome tank!! I've had a few trips where the MFD showed 60+ mpg. I've never been able to keep it up for the entire tank, trips around town always mess up a tank. I'm having my best tank now, I've driven 300 miles and my MTE is at 420. I'm not expecting to maintain it for a 700 mile tank but...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I never really pay attention to my "extended period" display but I do take a picture of every tank when I refuel. My last few tanks my speed has been 44, 46, 43, 47, 50, 46, 46 mph..... One thing I have noticed is the displayed mpg is always 4-5mpg higher than the calculated so I don't go off...
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    VCDS Tweaks

    Is it possible to change so the radio/accessories will stay on after the car is turned off and the key is removed? I have had many phone calls interrupted because of the Bluetooth being disconnected.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    I filled my truck up yesterday at the same station. This is the closes spread for RUG and Diesel I've seen in a long time.
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    Tdi golf tdi
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    Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant SportWagen

    I really wish we were able to get the wheels as an option.