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    Jeep Liberty

    Agreed. I have an '05 Liberty and at 119K miles it has been far from trouble-free. IDParts has been instrumental in keeping it running. Since I bought it in 2016 with 70K miles I have had to replace the torque convertor (I went with Suncoast), two sets of glow plugs, two alternators, battery...
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    300,000 Miles

    I know there are members with more, but my '03 Wagon just logged 300,000 miles.
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    Best timing belt kit for mk4 TDI???

    I've done over a dozen timing belt changes on the ALH engine, using parts from Dieselgeek, and have never had a problem:
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    Running Lights 2001 Golf TDI

    If you are referring to the little bulb underneath the low beam headlight, they're called city lights. They use a W5W (or 194) bulb. They come in different colors, too.
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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    Not necessarily. A few months ago, I had one that stopped working completely. Replacing the batteries did nothing. The red LED on the fob flashed, but nothing else happened. I also went through the procedure to have the car re-learn the remote, with no success. The only solution was to replace...
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    ImpexTDIFest 2013

    PM sent.
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    ImpexTDIFest 2013

    Please sign me up for the VCDS class, and to hang out and help others with their cars. I also have VCDS running in a Virtual Machine on a Macbook. If needed, my 2003 wagon can be used for the ALH model in the class.
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    HVAC control issues...

    Under the dash on the passenger side, inside the passenger compartment. I believe the glovebox has to be removed to get to the blower motor and resistor.
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    I Love My Car

    This has been absolutely the BEST car I have ever owned. Nine years, 177,000 miles.
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    Part name?

    Would you be referring to the camshaft?
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    Front end vibration battle

    Plus 1.
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    Wheel tilts up and down when the wheel is in the air

    I replaced my control arms with arms fitted with TT bushings. I also replaced the wheel bearings. It made quite a difference.
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    Wheel tilts up and down when the wheel is in the air

    This is good info. I had no idea this would happen.
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    vacumm line

    Try these:
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    I had the same problem on a Dodge that I owned. As it turned out, one of the diodes on the rectifier was open, making it half-wave. This had the effect of making the alternator charge only when the engine was revved above idle. I would check the rectifier...