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    SuperCommuting thread

    Well, I traded in the Jetta TDI. I was sad to see it go, but since I wasn't doing the crazy commute anymore, it made less sense. I wanted to sit a little higher, get back to a manual transmission, and have a wagon/hatchback body style to make the runs to home depot easier. So I picked up a new...
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    [2012 Jetta TDI] Options for an oil temp gauge

    Like andreigbs said, a Scangauge II will work for what you want. I have mine to watch the oil temp, urea injector duty cycle (so I know when urea is being injected), DPF soot load (so I know when I'm about to start a regen and when it finishes), and exhaust gas temperature (as another indicator...
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2 - First Impressions

    I just had phase 2 done, at just over 70K miles on my 15 Jetta TDI DSG. I monitor soot load, EGT, DEF level and bounce between a few other things on a ScanGauge II. Prior to phase 2, the soot load reading would be 5 immediately after a regen, and would go up through 23. About the time I'd...
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    SuperCommuting thread's been a while since I've posted in here! That's a good sign though, as the car has been running great. I'm about to hit 70K miles, and hopefully get the phase 2 emissions fix done at the same time as the 70K service. Occasionally I'll get a weird glitch when I start it up. The gear...
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    SuperCommuting thread

    More tire fun. Every day I drive down a highway that gets a lot of farm traffic, whether it is actual produce, buses hauling farm workers with porta-potties in tow, tractors, etc. And where I work there's a lot of construction going on, so people are always picking up nails in their tires...
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    3/36 Free Maintenance on 2015 Models?

    Weird. I bought my 2015 Jetta TDI used with 12,500 miles. The dealership covered both the 20K and 30K services.
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    SuperCommuting thread

    I'm at about 45,000 miles now, and unexpectedly had to get new tires today. The stock Continentals would have lasted another 5-10,000 miles, but I picked up a nail yesterday at work. I decided that since the tires were going to need replacing soon anyway that I'd just do them all now...
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    SuperCommuting thread

    The Jetta has been absolutely reliable, so I almost got excited when I thought something was going wrong! The auto up & down on the front passenger window started acting weird after I got it back from the 40K'd go all the way up, then immediately come back down, then it stopped...
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    Its official!

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    How to tell Regen is going?

    True, EGT readings do swing pretty wildly, but a regen is unmistakable. Under full throttle (not in regen), my EGT might hit 1100-1200, but immediately drops down once I let up on the pedal. Under regen, EGT stays consistently in the 1100-1300 range, even at light throttle cruise situations...
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    SuperCommuting thread

    I haven't been on here much, work, and my motorcycles have been occupying my time. Also, the Jetta has been humming right along, giving me no reason to post. Had the 40K service done yesterday, at 39,500 miles. A tiny bit early, but I'll hit 40K by Wednesday this week. No...
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2

    I'm looking at all of this with a lot of interest. I bought my '15 Jetta TDI because of the killer warranty, I like Diesels, and I like driving it much more than the Prius I traded in. This Jetta is my 6th VW. I put a lot of miles on the car (55,000 miles per year) due to my commute, so...
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    Cruze update

    That's good to know. With the number of miles I put on cars (approx 5,000 miles per month), the Cruze Diesel is very appealing to me. I'd probably have searched one out, but I stumbled across a fantastic deal on a fixed '15 Jetta TDI that I just couldn't pass up. Is yours the manual or...
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    SuperCommuting thread

    I got busy and didn't post a week or two ago when I had the 30K service. Nothing really new...the car continues to run flawlessly. MPG has gone down, but that's due to the prevailing weather patterns in the area I drive through daily. Summer brings warmer hot weather and a killer headwind for...
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    What to buy?

    The regular wagon is available with AWD, but I think it's automatic only. The Alltrack offers a manual or DSG.