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    How long will you keep your MK4 TDI?

    Mine is mid 150's mileage, has a fresh timing belt and new skins. I don't drive it to work as my job provides a work truck. There is no incentive to sell it, we will keep if for the sheer comfort of the NB for bigger people. I will probably retire before it does. :)
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    '14 Beetle backup lights

    thanks guys for all the write ups. I am doing this on my wife's '13 tomorrow. I have some more powerful low profile LED lights from Amazon to install. Edit: This is in a shop with plenty of windows, so...
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    Leaking 02J and noise in reverse

    ++ for Asheville how you holding out? We visited friends there in 09.
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    Leaking 02J and noise in reverse

    It punched out the end of the boss. Case is toast. Anybody in Florida have a spare trans?
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    Leaking 02J and noise in reverse

    thanks a ton guys, that was what I was thinking too. I will pass it along.
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    Leaking 02J and noise in reverse

    It's already leaking, so you think it would make the drive? I suppose it will be trashed bearing already.
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    Leaking 02J and noise in reverse

    Posting this for a friend third hand, so it will take a while to answer any questions. His son's car, away at college and possibly has to come home. " He said his transmission started making a weird noise based off axle rotation (as best as I could get from him) and was leaking transmission...
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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    I pulled the factory engine cover and installed the ECS tuning road plate. Going out to touch up some low scratches on the bumper. Wife's 2013 DSG Beetle dieselgate car.
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    Towing over 2000 lbs possible

    With just extra weight, you get the push down every hill you climbed, unless it's an uphill run all the way ( like climbing up to Denver from the east). With increased aerodynamic drag, it's all bad :D It even holds you back on those downhill runs. Of course, speed kills economy and that goes...
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    03 beetle parts car, stage 4 complete

    4 newer tires and stock wheels bump
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I installed the hitch off the wreck, the trailer wiring kit on Gandalf the Grey. Did some more investigating on it. Some enthusiast has it before me. The vent mod was done, and a European headlight switch was installed. I had not seen one before so it took me by surprise.
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    03 beetle parts car, stage 4 complete

    Fired it up and took off the hitch and skid plate.
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    1981 Rabbit Pickup TDI $6950

    Much envy. My first TDI was a stock '81 .
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    My wife has a '13 DSG beetle and a kinda rotten commute sometimes, so I had predicted upper 30's when we picked it up two months ago. So far it has been spot on. I got a 40 MPG tank by taking a ~300 mile road trip in the middle of it. That was as fast as traffic would bear :) She never strayed...
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    Had a timing belt break

    That was my take on the OP too. It sucks.