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    1999 VW T4 Syncro Diesel double-sliding doors w/ pop-top

    1999 VW T4 "Transporter" (marketed as EuroVan in North America), manual transmission, syncro, 2.5 TDI, LWB w/ double sliding doors, pop-top & side/rear canopies. Imported from Germany. Registered in Canada (for importing to the US, please see this NHTSA webpage) Odometer reads 230,000km...
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    FS: 2005 VW Passat Wagon 170k [MA/NY]

    Hello, I am selling my reflex silver 2005 wagon with 170k miles (daily driver, though that means every weekend -- if that -- now that I'm back in NYC). Pictures here. History I purchased it with 115k in the summer of 2014 from another club member, and he purchased it first hand from Evergreen...
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    FS: 5sp 2.5 TDI Multivan (Eurovan) $15k - OR

    Not mine, and not sure if/how it was legally imported: There is an exemption for armed forces personnel to import and be exempt from certain DOT/EPA requirements.
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    NEEDED: Expert Opinion in Bakersfield area

    Hello left coasters (especially mid-US coasters), I am looking for an expert/guru/mechanic in the Bakersfield area to inspect a vehicle I am considering buying. Matt98-AHU is no longer in Santa Barbara area, which would have been far anyhow. I'd sooner want to retain someone reputable familiar...
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    1982 Vanagon 1.6 Diesel (not turbo)

    For sale is my friend's 1982 Vanagon L (Diesel). He is off to grad school and is a motivated seller. Non-original 1.6 Diesel engine (replaced by previous owner) and unknown mileage, both on the body and engine. Original paint, although it has been touched up in certain areas. There is a...
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    FS: 1990 Vanagon Westy 5sp 2.4L - $24k

    This is not my vehicle, nor am I associated with the seller. First flag. Vehicle is listed for sale on eBay in Pompano Beach, FL; and on Craigslist in Santa Fe, NM with VIN WV2ZZZ70ZMH053297. Second flag. Running a vin check clocks this as a 1991 model at 247,614 miles, although listing...
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    Custom 2" Trailer Hitch on B5.5

    I recently did some research on trailer hitch options and found that, in the US, most market-based options are limited to Class 1 hitches, which limit towing capacity to about 100lbs of tongue weight and 1,000lbs towing capacity or 200lbs tongue weight and 2,000lbs towing capacity, depending on...
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    Trailer Hitch Upgrade Roundup

    This thread is meant to be an introductory effort to compile efforts from TDI club members to increase their towing capacity beyond the US-based market options, and I have generally chosen the most graphically illustrative examples to facilitate future builds. It is not meant to provide...
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    FS: 03 2dr 5sp BAD MOTOR [W. Massachusetts]

    [SOLD] FS: 03 2dr 5sp BAD MOTOR [W. Massachusetts] For sale is my 03 2dr 5sp with 354k miles and a bad motor. The quote I received to get it to where it was, for rebuilt head, piston, injector and the turbo it is tuned for is close to $5k, and I'm not prepared to go that route. I will be taking...
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    WTT: 03 Golf 2dr 5sp for AUTOMATIC 03 Jetta or B4V

    WTT: 03 Golf 2dr 5sp for AUTOMATIC 03 Jetta Wagon, B4V, or B5 wagon I don't exactly "want" to trade; my girlfriend, who currently lives in NYC, is moving up here this summer, and while we still need a vehicle for ongoing travel to NYC, she isn't as keen on a manual (really sucks when you're...
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    W. Mass - Oil Change Help

    Hello W. MA dieselgeeks, Went to Sears this morning to take advantage of a clearance sale on a 255/260 piece wrench/socket set (sale is going on until Sunday). On the drive back home, I stopped in at a Firestone to get a quote for an oil change. They wouldn't allow the capped & sealed Rotella I...
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    FS: '05 Jeep CRD - $11k [MA]

    One owner, carfax, red, new tires. Not mine. See details at
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    HELP: Registration Issue (Massachusetts)

    Hi all, I bought an 03 5sp Golf in VA in April, registered it in NY, did not get it inspected, registered it in MA in June, got it inspected in July, and it failed to pass inspection. One issue was a headlamp bulb being out (DOH!), and the other more important issue is the CEL, and two codes...
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    [MA] VW 93-03 Golf Jetta Passat Parts

    As per this CL post: Note: I am not affiliated with this poster.
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    FS: Southbend Stage 2 [Endurance] - NIB

    Asking $550 (plus shipping costs). Product details here.