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    '02 Golf GLS, built

    '02 Golf GLS, built. Canmore, AB, ?? Rosten rods/ASV pistons - balanced STG 5 Malone tune PP764 injectors bal. by DBW GTB1756VK Turbo (Mark Whitbread) SMIC and piping upgrade 1.8t brake upgrade OMI PD150 manifold Darkside downpipe, Buzzken catback 11mm injector pump Diesel geek short shifter...
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    FS - 11mm Injection Pump

    Out of a 2003 ALH with 240k(ish) kms on it. Never heard it run, grabbed it out of a pick a part, hence the 'ish' for mileage - that's what the online listing stated. I have one in my Golf now, but will not be going that far on the Jetta, so this should go to someone that'll use it. $300 CAD...
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    WTB - your abandoned GT1749VB

    As per thread title, looking for a GT1749VB that someone has pulled off in order to upgrade (or even better would be never installed because they got power hungry)! I could go with a new one for ~$800CAD, but I'm cheap so thought I'd see if there was one sitting idle here first. No rush. Have...
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    FS - VNT15 (ALH) 250K kms

    Out of our '03 Golf TDI. Cleaned it just prior to pulling it off - not shiny, but looks good. Minimal shaft play, however after this kind of service it should be rebuilt. Comes with a new (in box) actuator (which turned out to be the problem - old one held vacuum, but refused to move!). In...
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    FS MK4 Black Cloth seats (or trade for...)

    Swapped them for leather heated units. Had to use the driver's seat frame, so only have the passenger front and the rear as complete units. The driver's skin is available, just no foam or frame. Cheap (or trade for a wiring harness for the heated units I put in:D )!
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    WTB MK4 Heated Seat Harness

    Seats (leather) are in, switches are in hand, just need the harness...... yes, I know about thought I'd see if anybody had one here first (and NO, I'm not interested in making one myself, so please don't suggest it). Anybody got one available?