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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    .320 gibonta @280bar
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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    thing is, ive talked to quite few high hp alh guys and they all were like "yeah just stock 11mm pump and stock lines stock injector bodies and send it" mine has 10mm dv's, regular 143 camplate, 11mm plunger, stock bodies, stock injector lines, and just 6100 rpm, id want to use the 6500rpm like...
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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    Ive narrowed the injection pump problems to 2 possible causes: -Bad luck with used pumps -Fuel filter micron rating Filter element is CAV 296, some places say its 7micron, but i do not believe anything i read anymore about those. Fuel supply setup is 100% best i could imagine right now...
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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    Some numbers about the build so far: Ive killed 9 injection pumps. 3 this year in 4 weeks. Turbos can boost 4.1bar @ 3000rpm, with just 2.9bar exhaust pressure. Turbos can do 4.8bar with exhaust pressure still under boost pressure, lambda way over the roof. Turbos are capable of <700hp. Im...
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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    This is the turbo setup ATM. HP Garrett GTB2056VZK Cw: 43.4mm / 56mm 6+6 Tw: 43.1mm / 47mm LP Holset HE500WG Cw: 63mm / 99mm 7blade curved billet Tw: 78mm / 84mm 12-blade
  6. compound turbo

    compound turbo

    HE500WG GTB2056VZK
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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    Setup is long gone because it was becoming restrictive, but basicly the setup consist of n75 controlling the vacuum, and another to control the wastegate (pos pressure 1.8t n75). both VNT's were set up to work with ecu n75 signal like normally these turbos do, the rods were adjusted in relation...
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    Biggest turbo used in 1.9TDI's

    Im happy to see you still around these engines! wish you the best with the project, its been a long route for you, and definetly not the easiest.
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    turbo technical database

    None of these have any wheel dimensions listed, but since i made this list, i want to share it among you all. They are somewhat in order concidering flow/streetability/spool. This is my list for suitable 1.9TDI turbos ranging from ~180bhp all the way to ~500bhp. GTB1549VK - CHEVROLET- ALFA...
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    Biggest turbo used in 1.9TDI's

    What are the biggest documented turbos used in 1.9tdi, i know andy2turbo used 71/88mm?, what other big turbo tdis you all know? Im interested.
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    WTB: ARP headbolts. ALH

    WTB: ARP headbolts. ALH Paypal, im located in Finland, europe, but i am prolly willing to buy yours from where ever youre located.
  12. BiTDI in kitchen

    BiTDI in kitchen

    engine in kitchen
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    misc about the journey of the car
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    misc about the journey of the car
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    misc about the journey of the car