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    Recall 20R9/V8

    Really? I they already installed stickers and mis-fuel guard.... What's up this time?
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    Recall 20R9/V8

    Received another one in the mail today, stating my 10 JSW needs a "Safety Recall". It doesn't provide any more information, only leaving a code "20R9/V8". I called dealership and other than knowing it's about diesel engine cars, they can provide no other information. Does anyone know what this...
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    Recent Dealer ECM Update Recall

    I was called in by dealer for a recall a couple of weeks ago. When asked exactly what that's about the dealer's answer was a computer program update, which affects fuel economy. But he declined to give more information whether it's related to the scandal. From the final invoice it only says...
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    What do you do with lawyers' mails?

    This is crazy. I received two letters from different law firms just during the last weekend alone. A few days before that I also received VWNA's mail, other than telling me stay put, but calm, it doesn't provide any other useful information. As a once proud owner, I hope VW can take care of its...
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    3rd radiator pinhole leak - possible danger found

    Did mine yesterday. The whole thing turned out to be a 6.5 hour job, during which 3 were spent on removing the passenger side hose. Thanks for JLMurphy's suggestion, I finally decided to saw it off, I couldn't find any other ways possible. Lessens learned: 1: Removing the passenger side wheel...
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    Another victim of infamous radiator leak problem

    Jim, Thanks for the reply. Your description is very useful. I am going to get a saw handy to go your way in case I can't quickly pull the connector. To prevent the shroud from knocking/rubbing the radiator fins again, I plan to use some weather strip (those foamy strip with sticky taping on one...
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    Another victim of infamous radiator leak problem

    The red coolant warning light first came on 2 years ago, and recently it got worse. It happened twice in the last a couple of months and I had to stop on the highway to pore water into the tank. Then I discovered on tdiclub it's a notorious problem. Just to make sure, I tear down the car and...
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    9ZZ Bluetooth module with WiFi support?

    Has anyone heard about it or know any thing about it? As I am doing research on upgrading my current 9w2, I ran into this module newer than 9W7. It seems it has not only all functions than 9W7, it also supports receiving/sending text messages, if you have RCD510/RNS510; furthermore, it even...
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    Rear camera for JSW

    I did my project a while back, with all parts from Taobao (Chinese eBay). The total cost is: RCD-510 (enhanced version, with video input and USB capability, but no SAT) ~$190 Backup camera hatch handle ~$70 wire harness ~10? (I forgot :() USB port with iPod support ~$12 Running the wire all...
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    2010 JSW Bluetooth Upgrade??

    Actually this is interesting. I don't need to have the phonebook/keypad display on the radio unit, as long as I can select from the MFD, I will be happy. Do I still NEED to have RNS510 in that case?
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    2010 JSW Bluetooth Upgrade??

    I have a 2010 JSW with RCD510 and factory bluetooth. A while back I received a class lawsuit letter which let me upgrade my bluetooth system to support voice control. Unfortunately it's not the nicest thing to use and I ended up still need to operate on my phone a lot to dial. A week ago I...
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    Anyone has VCDS in Houston Area?

    Is anyone in Houston area nice enough to let me use your VCDS? I am working on installing OEM rear view camera on my 2010 jsw, and I just need to make some code changes...... Thanks a million in advance!
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    Jetta Backup Camera with Tracking

    Forgive me first for not using the correct nomenclature here... I am considering installing backup camera system to my JSW, and I saw, besides the cheaper, dumber one that only shows some fixed guidance lines, here is also one with dynamic guidance lines that bend with your steering wheel. I...
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    DIY Backup Camera Installation Help

    I plan to install rearview mirror backup camera system, just like that: to do that, I will need to run a wire from the front...
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    iPhone 5 Lighting connector compatibililty

    Have you guys read the news about Apple's new iPhone 5? Apple has changed its dock to an 8pin "Lighting" port, and have an adapter for sale to work with the current docking system. So, my question is, does anyone know if with the adapter, does it still work with the iPod docking system in our...