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    On-again, off-again about the new VW Microbus

    Re: New VW MicroBus BTW, Are the surfboards standard equipment on the Microbus? I forgot to ask them this question. The vehicle in the show also has surfboards on it!
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    On-again, off-again about the new VW Microbus

    Re: New VW MicroBus Hi, I was at the Detroit auto show today along with our friend TDImeister among others. Had a great time. I did see the microbus. I actually liked the design. But then I also liked a few other concept designs that other people hated. I guess the Microbus looks like a dog if...
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    Stationary Oil filtration system?

    Well maybe people are misinterpreting my original post. The engine will be shut off when the oil filtration is taking place. Just like a normal oil change. The only difference being that you will reuse the oil instead of throwing it out. I did do an internet search on this topic. Try search...
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    Boosting Cetane Level with Gasoline?

    The cetane number of diesel fuel is an indication of its "auto-ignitability" and not just ignitability. There is a huge difference. Diesel autoignites easily - as it should. Gasoline does not autoignite easily.(It should not) Adding gasoline to diesel will reduce its cetane number and not...
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    Stationary Oil filtration system?

    Hi, I have been reading a lot on this forum about the various bypass oil filtration systems. My GLS TDI has about 6200 miles on it and I will probably install a bypass this summer. Does anybody know of any stationary oil filtration system which is not actually a part of the car? This system will...
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    Winter Mileage

    I filled up at Mijer's (Orion township) the other day and the diesel there smelled distinctly of Kerosene. The probably use it to winterize the fuel but that resulted in a noisy engine for me. It was good that my tank wasnt empty and I put only about 6 gal of the Mijer's stuff. I still have to...
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    WARNING Please keep starting fluid away

    DieselDeamon, Do you know the exact name of the ether? Like ethyl ether or something? There are some ethers being examined as diesel fuel alternatives (dimethyl ether to be specific). This is however, injected just as diesel and not in the intake air.
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    Top Gear Acceleration Times

    An alternative to actual driving numbers would be to check the engine torque/speed curves. You could probably compare the Golf with a TDI to one with a 2.0L if the gearing is accounted for. So for the speed range of 50 to 80 mph see what the wheel torque would be (account for gearing). The...
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    TDI - EPA's Worst Rated Small Car

    Re: TDI - EPA\'s Worst Rated Small Car Good job TDImeister! This website seems to be commercially driven than anything else. They also do not have any explaination as to how they arrived at the rankings.They should try and sell ideas to customers without any backing data and see how difficult...
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    TDI in snow

    then why not put a throttle plate on a diesel intake only for the purpose of braking? This throttle will close only when he brakes are applied, otherwise it will remain open.
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    TDI for mostly short trips?

    For low milleage, stop-go trips, a gasoline car would give a much lower mileage that the TDI. The savings in this case will still be considerable. I live in Michigan and most of my driving is stop and go (about 6 miles one way). I get about 42 MPG. The only concern I have is that sometimes my...
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    TDI cools down while driving!

    sometimes the VW diesel converts the coolant energy back to work! But seriously, shouldn't the thermostat valve close off when temps drop below 190F ?
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    Warm up time

    dzcad90, Its not a real good idea to let a diesel engine idle when cold, especially in freezing temps. "Diesel knock" is very common during cold starts. A diesel engine runs smoother at a higher load (torque) even when cold. VW also recommends against excessive idling when cold. I usually start...
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    Can I Locate a TDI Without Using The Dealer?

    I bought my TDI golf through Try that. But read all the rules before putting your price!
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    Hard gear shifts when cold (A temporary solution)

    Hi, This topic has been discussed before. However I did not find whatever I am going to write. So read on! The hard shifting doesnt seem to be a problem. It is just an inconvienence that goes away in a couple of minutes. We all seem to have gear shifting problems when it is freezing outside...