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    IBW is 20!

    Peter, Happy Birthday/Anniversary........! Eric
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    Brian, great talking with you last week. Had a great drive to St. Louis and back. Eric

    Brian, great talking with you last week. Had a great drive to St. Louis and back. Eric
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    Brian, Going to be in St. Louis on Wednesday/Thursday this week to visit my daughter. Driving...

    Brian, Going to be in St. Louis on Wednesday/Thursday this week to visit my daughter. Driving my 2000 Audi TT -> TDI. I'll try to stop by Thursday morning and say "hello". Eric
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    uphostery material

    I've done several headliners in my fleet of mk4 VWs. The favorite in the family is the real camo headliner in one of the Jetta sedans. I purchased the material on ebay. As mjydrafter mentioned, use the 3M headliner adhesive. Make sure when you remove the headliner board, wire brush all the...
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    Bondo Hair.........bumper cover.......

    Folks, My daily driver is my Audi TT -> TDI conversion. It's not a "show" car. Last week I came around a corner and a couple turkey buzzards were have "lunch" in the middle of the road. They started to fly but I bumped one as it was taking off (even while braking hard). When I got home I...
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    No start after new cylinder head

    Dmansqso, What 03tdicommuter said: You could have the cam 180 degrees out when you installed the new pump. Put the engine back at TDC with the pump locked and check the lobes on the cam. Eric
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    Brake booster removal tool dimensions?

    Posting this from a previous post: You can use a 10 mm wrench to push the plastic clips to pop the "ball" from the brake booster shaft out of the plastic "socket". It's hard to describe but use an open end 10mm wrench to push the plastic tabs while pulling the brake pedal up/towards you...
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    Big Brake Brackets

    If you go with the 312mm rotors, you'll need 16" wheels at a minimum to fit over the caliper/rotor. Eric
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    ALH Golf Trans to BEW Jetta?

    The 5 speed manual in my Audi TT -> TDI was originally in my 2005 BEW Beetle. When it was in the Beetle, I put in a .658 5th gear as I was commuting about 60 miles (highway driving) a day. Later, I put a 6 speed manual from RyanP in my Beetle. When I did the TDI conversion on the Audi TT I...
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    ALH Golf Trans to BEW Jetta?

    hyoung319, I'm sure others will comment, but as far as I know, the manual transmissions from the ALH and BEW are the same. In my Audi TT -> TDI conversion I put an ALH motor paired with a manual transmission from a BEW. Everything matched fine. Eric
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    Will a MK4 hood fit in the back of an MK4 wagon?

    It will fit in the back of the wagon. I've done it a couple times........ Eric
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    Who made their mk4 TDI their daily driver?

    Daily drivers since 2007.....I mostly drive my Audi TT -> TDI conversion with 260K or the 2005 Jetta wagon with 438k. Oldest daughter drives a 2002 Golf with an 01m (original 01m lasted until 330k; swapped in another that only had 90k) with 380k. Youngest daughter drives a 2004 Jetta with the...
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    60+ days in the shop, still no diagnosis

    I'm not sure I'm following everything on this thread? A couple of things don't seem right: 1) If a gas fuel pump was installed and wired to power the pump (if it was a gas unit), the pressure to the injection pump is too high. An ALH only has two wires for the fuel level sending unit. A...
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    Timing belt broke… salvageable?

    Back in November my Audi TT to ALH conversion quit while driving down the road to my house. It would turn over but would not start. I pulled the timing belt cover and noticed the timing belt was loose. The tensioner had failed. Luckily it did not slip any teeth. I set the flywheel to TDC...
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    How often do ALH computers go bad?

    Folks, Not an ALH ECU, but a 2002 Jetta (2.0l gas, automatic). Earlier this year my daughter had transmission problems. I made an adapter to plug in to the transmission connector to check resistance on the solenoids. I had two that were out of range. Replaced them all along with the ribbon...