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    FS 10mm and 11mm ALH injection pumps

    Still have the 11mm? Sent you a pm.
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    ///// upgraded / upgrading boost control ////

    You probably don't need a boost valve, you need to have your ecu updated for the 3bar map. Map sensor just sends the ecu a 0 to 5 volt signal. So say the 2.5 bar sensor sends 4.5 volts to the ecu at 18 psi. If you put a 3 bar sensor in and don't change the map linerization in the ecu than it...
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    ///// Intake upgrade issues and results ////

    Did you have the ecu reflashed for the 3bar map. If not than the ecu thinks it is getting less boost than it is actually getting, meaning you will be running more boost than the tune calls for across the board. That could be the reason you're seeing no haze. Problem with that is there is the...
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    I have a question

    Cheapest easiest option would be to find a cheap 04-05 passat with a failing transmission for cheap and use the bhw from it. Add bigger nozzles or pd150 injectors and a better turbo and a good tune and you're there. GTB2056VL's can be picked up cheap on ebay and work very well in a jetboat.
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    BHW in IFS 4runner oil pan mods, swaps for diff clearance

    Dif clearance was the hardest part for me on my bhw/2003 blazer swap. I used the hybrid pan with the aluminum sides and steel bottom like this one...
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    1.9 ALH In a boat

    I've had the gtb2056vl on the 1.9 in my boat for around 10 or 12 years and about 2500 hours on it. I feel it's a good choice, good throttle response and keeps the egt's in check quite well, definitely not laggy. Mines a jetdrive though, so doesn't load the engine as much at lower rpm's as a prop...
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    1966 land rover series 2a 109 BHW swap

    If I recall correctly they sit 17 degrees inclined in the car. I have mine pretty much vertical in my blazer and used the hybrid alum/steel pan along with an alh oil pick-up. I changed pans and pick-ups for dif clearance reasons though, I think the stock pan and pick-up will likely work just...
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    Putting TDI in a boat ...

    Not sure who your question is directed at but my tdi jetboat has worked out great. Have about 2300 hours on it and still running great. As i have no road access where I live it is pretty much my daily driver. Use it to go to town for mail and groceries, and make weekly trips 100 miles downriver...
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    What starters are being used in TDI conversions?

    Not a ranger swap but I used this one on the bhw I swapped into my 2003 blazer. It appears to be the same thing as the powermaster 9004 you...
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    I've been running a gtd1752vrk with a dmf on my alh jetta for a little more than 3 years with no issues(.240 injectors). I have the 240mm 150pd dmf though, along with a 6 spd. Love the turbo, much better pull down low than the stock vnt15.
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    Bhw ARP studs torque?

    I believe 125 ft lbs is the most commonly used #. That's what I used on my bpx which should be the same studs as the bhw, and it's been trouble free for a couple years since swapping them in.
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    Yaw Rate Sensor

    Love the bhw in the blazer. No power where we leave our vehicles parked. Also we only make the town trip about every 2 weeks, so they are well chilled when we get to them if it's been cold. Started them both in January at about -25c, but the previous several days had been in the high minus...
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    Yaw Rate Sensor

    I'm up in the northwest corner of the province on the Stikine river, about 20 miles downstream of the community of Telegraph Creek. We are about 50 miles east of the Alaskan border and about 140 miles south of the yukon border. We don't have road access to our place so somewhat remote. We leave...
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    FS: GTD1752vrk w/ Oval Port Tubular Manifold

    Someone should grab that, that's a good price for that turbo. I have one on my alh jetta and imo there is no better turbo for a daily driver. Better low end response than the stock vnt15, and I paid more than that to bring mine in from europe.
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    Yaw Rate Sensor

    I'll have to check but if they came with a fuel cooler it should still be there. I assume it would be mounted under body similar to the mk 4 with auto ones? The car is sitting out in my boneyard in 3 feet of snow, so will need to take a snowmobile and shovel out there to look but will try and...