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    Rear Passenger Leak; I've searched...

    Check the boot for the wiring into the boot lid or trunk as you might call it, I had one that hadn't been put back properly and it leaked. Also worth checking it doesn't get wetter when using the rear washer, I'm sure the hose goes up that side.
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    Dual mass flywheel VW T4

    Get someone to give it a rev and let off the pedal while you listen down the front at the bell housing, usually hear them knock as the revs drop.
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    CCM relay issue

    Here we go, it's actually on this forum, post #10
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    CCM relay issue

    I don't recall which it was but it was me who soldered it, it's a mini one inside the ccm though, I'll need to go digging and see if I can find the info again.
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    strange screechy sound at startup 2006 TDI

    Locking off the fan on the alternator you should be able to move the pulley one way but not the other, if that's what you mean then yeh, sounds like the pulley has seized up.
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    strange screechy sound at startup 2006 TDI

    I'd pull the belt and check the tensioner and the alternator pulley, it should be clutched but they can seize up causing the tensioner to bounce about and rattle at idle. Also as above, see if it's quiet with no belt, if so then at least you can check all the components in there
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    Low boost. Hard brakes

    Check the vacuum lines, could be a leak affecting brakes and boost. Also common one for the brakes is also often the hard pipe to the booster, often cracks underneath where you can't see them. If the egr pipe is leaking that might explain low boost too, the turbo needs the exhaust gases to...
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    PD130 tandem pump problems, advice on way forward please?

    I think if they fail internally you get a mix of oil and diesel but can't remember if it's fuel in the oil or the other way. As for a gasket kit I wouldn't hesitate trying one off ebay if I couldn't source one more local. As for the brake servo you could check the pipe going to it isn't...
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    strange screechy sound at startup 2006 TDI

    Your vids are set to private so nobody can see them
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    EGR TDI 1.9 90hp AGR - Air Mass Actual higher than Specified at IDLE

    Pop on a blanking plate for the egr and see how it goes, if that works then you'll know it is the egr regarding IQ 3.6 is ok but every engine is different, mine ran best a bit over 4.
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    EGR TDI 1.9 90hp AGR - Air Mass Actual higher than Specified at IDLE

    Try bumping the IQ up a touch, the lower the number the more fuel and it can cause a rougher idle, look up the hammer mod.
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    EGR TDI 1.9 90hp AGR - Air Mass Actual higher than Specified at IDLE

    That sounds like the anti shudder valve you're messing with, the egr actuator is the big shiny one on top. If you think the egr is bad at all just pull the vacuum pipe off it and stick a little bolt in the end of the pipe to block it then see how the car is. It's the thicker vacuum pipe going...
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    Turbo questions

    Could be a tiny boost leak, does the boost feel later than usual or anything like that?
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    2005.5 Jetta TDI losing massive amounts of oil, looking for ideas

    Maybe there's been a problem with the oil supply to the turbo and it's damaged it. One of the things with a new turbo is finding out what went wrong originally that caused the problem to start with. If it's coming from the exhaust I think it will be the turbo, I think it maybe got a bit...
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    CCM relay issue

    That problem with the indicator is actually caused by a faulty relay in the ccm, I swapped out the relay in a friends mk4 for that very reason. New relay was really cheap from an electronics place. Problem is finding a post by someone who's already fixed the issue and can tell you which part is...