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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Diesel was £2.05.9 per litre today at one shell garage! Don't know why they're allowed to have 0.9pence, not like they're going to give you change of that lol
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    Smell the oil, if it stinks it might be gearbox and something has gone wrong there.
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    Clunk when releasing clutch

    Yes, just that one, hard to point to things over the Internet lol
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    No power

    Maybe a broken wire in the loom or bad module. I'd check the wires and swap the window module over if need be.
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    Coolant / fuel gauge not working

    Try reseating the plugs on the cluster, I had one making a bad connection. I've also pulled the cover and used a small knife to make the connection tighter in the plug which fixed a k-line issue
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    Throbbing Noise!

    Never damaged a hub yet, works every time. Just got to go careful but a grinder is best, not sure the dremmel will do it
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    Throbbing Noise!

    I grind one side till it's almost through then crack it with a chisel. Then it just slips off
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    Clutch pressure issues

    There's a little restriction valve in the clutch line of the Mk7, maybe it's causing the issue. I've read a number of people removing them for better clutch response including a local friend.
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    Whining Noise and Lots of Smoke?

    No not really needed, just makes it easier in the future or something because the original feed pipe is solid so can be awkward to move out the way.
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    Clunk when releasing clutch

    I think you will need the ball joint off, otherwise you have to yank the cv into an abnormal angle to fit it in with a risk of one of the ball bearings popping out, guess how I know lol SKF are usually decent, shouldn't think you'd have any problems from it.
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    Clunk when releasing clutch

    That happened on my golf when I had it, made a hellish noise on corners lol. For the ball joint just hit the hub carrier around the ball joint with a hammer, a few sharp hits should knock the shaft of the ball joint loose. Don't hit the ball joint itself though.
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    Clunk when releasing clutch

    Disconnect the main bolt of the ball joint and leave the 3 13mm ones alone then yes. There's room for movement with those 3 smaller bolts but not with the big one. So if you just disconnect it the alignment won't be affected.
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    Clunk when releasing clutch

    Yeh bud, rev it in neutral then let the revs settle, you often hear the clutch rattling as the revs drop. But tbh mine was kaput and I had no symptoms like you have.
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    Clunk when releasing clutch

    No need to rev up in gear on a ramp, just stick it in 1st, hold the revs up a bit and let the clutch out till it bites and see if the engine moves a bit much. Or even just grab hold of the top of the engine and get violent on it lol. Soon see if a mount is bad
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    Clunk when releasing clutch

    Open the bonnet, handbrake on, select 1st, let the clutch out till it bites and watch the engine, see if it moves excessively. For the flywheel listen down the bottom front at the bellhousing, get someone to give the throttle a rev and let it go, you often hear a knocking from the flywheel as...