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    Pacific Northwest Cascade German GTG August 13, 2016

    My windshield cracked today in the heat, so I would like one if possible. 2006 Jetta w/o rain sensing wipers. See you tomorrow! Thanks, Mark Scrichfield
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    Hood Insulation?

    Mine was eaten by mice a couple years ago, it's been gone and I haven't missed it.
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    Rattle coming from Passenger Side

    If the rattle is outside the car, the screw clips/retainers for the screws on the inner fender come out and the inner fender pieces rattle together. I just had to fix this. Just take the wheel off, and you will see the piece flapping.
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    BRM cam's to choose from... Lets discuss

    Awesome info...but right now at 176k miles, I don't see myself doing a cam at 200k. My mileage was over 50mpg for 2013, and the power is all there. I don't even think my dengine was fully broke in until 120k. My turbo actuator, now that is a different story, what a piece of junk.
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    Thumping noise when turning the steering wheel

    Does it happen with the car stopped when turning the wheel, or when turning the wheel and driving around parking lots. If the latter, it could be the subframe shifting. ECS tuning sells a kit to remedy the problem...
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    BRM Turbo Actuator Replacement Experiment?

    To get the bottom rod off, you need a 1/4 drive ratchet, 2 long extensions, a wobbly socket, and a 10mm deep socket. It is easier to have someone above with a light and a regular screw driver to help guide the deep socket on the rod and the nut. For the ones above...take the surrounding plastic...
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    8th Annual PNW BoraParts/Fixum GTG August 17, 2013

    It's been a couple years since I've seen you guys...thinking I'll make it for a few hours (just need the wife to return and the car to magically wash itself)! See you guys in a bit!
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    '06 Runs rough only when in third gear

    Cool! Glad you figured it out!
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    '06 Runs rough only when in third gear

    Did you change your tranny fluid when you did the clutch? The fluid capacity has to be pumped in as it will run out the filler hole, unless the fluid was changed with the tranny out of the car. As it is an issue isolated to third, I would start there. My 2 cents.
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    2006 Jetta 1.9L PD TDI (BRM) code P0299

    I hate to tell you, but you may have 2 issues. Your symptoms of a loss of power up hills does sound like the actuator. An easier way test, is have someone else start the car while you watch the actuator rod, if it extends slowly upon startup it is working, if it tries to extend and you have to...
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    Outside Drivers door sticking

    Have you taken the door apart or had a body shop take it apart? If so, make sure it was put together right. If it has never been taken apart, I would first squirt wd40 into the door handle cracks and into the latch in the door jam, start there. I had this happen a few years ago and haven't...
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    2006 Jetta TDI BRM Turbo Actuator Replacement

    Have someone start the car and see if the actuator rod pushes down upon car start...if not, then pull the vaccum hose off the actuator and using a vaccum gage, see if you have vaccum with the engine idling. If you do have vaccum, the N75 is good and the actuator is toast. idparts just started...
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    Shudder and not shifting

    Was there a soft code registered that didn't throw a check engine light? Sounds like the car throws into limp mode going up hills.
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    Removing front LOWER center grill how to?

    Front center grill...pull hard. It is really hard to get out and you will most likely break a clip or two. Plastic trim removal tools inserted around the grill would probably help although I didn't do this to remove mine. Fog light grills have one screw, then pull them straight out.
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    Torsion values effects for BRM?

    Check out this thread for your Airbag light...pretty easy fix if you have access to the TSB's