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    Here comes the rain

    Where could I find a breakdown of all the weather seals for a 4dr golf w/ sunroof? I don't think I need all the seals, but I'm not sure what seals I do need compared to online sellers pictures. TIA
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    Here comes the rain

    It's properly fooked it seems to me. I still can't find replacements online. I bought this thing with plans to make it a driver, eventually tune and delete etc...I guess I'll start with seals if I can find em and cup holder center console while I'm at it 🤷🏿‍♂️
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    Here comes the rain

    Apologies in advance if I've added photos incorrectly.
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    Here comes the rain

    That would be great. I'll take all the info I can. The gap I saw was DS front, I'll go take some photos in the morning and try to find out where it's leaking. Clear the sunroof drains etc... Thanks
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    Here comes the rain

    That was my first guess, I also saw a gap in the door because the seal looks trashed. So it's time to replace em it seems
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    Here comes the rain

    Well it's oregon and I've noticed my golf is wet. I didn't even talk dirty to her I've been searching for seals in a kit but am coming up empty. Doors. Windows and sunroof. Probably going to pull interior and clean and dry it. It stinks, I haven't drove it in a while. If anyone can point me in...