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    Brake Upgrades

    I have a 2015 Passat with 2008 R32/Paasat V6 4MO front 345 rotors/calipers/caliper stands/brake lines (also running the rear R32 calipers/stands/rotors and lines). To be honest, looking for a more sexy caliper and saw this at Darkside...
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    GTD1449vz on CR150 question

    Yeah, I was seriously considering one of the "smaller" turbos as an upgrade. Thanks! PS, didn't you go with a bigger turbo than the 2260? Are you using a 240hp biturbo UK 2.0L (with a single turbo) for the better head flow?
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    GTD1449vz on CR150 question

    According to DS website info. If EA288 injectors are only good to support 260hp and they suggest a 2260 for upwards of 300hp (I know CP3 and injectors are needed to get there). What would a 2056 with stock injectors and an Xman CP3 upgrade get me on a US spec EA288 in a '15 Passat? Edit: or even...
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    Review of plug and play LED upgrades: low beam (LasFit H7 G2 Pro) and High Beam (LasFit VW-01)

    Ha....not headlight related. But, I "upgraded" my reverse bulbs to DeAuto reverse LEDs. Occasionally upon srart up iget the bulb error and a message to check (L) rear backup bulb. Goes away when I put it reverse...and bulb works. Everything,and I mean EVERYTHING I've ordered from them came with...
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    Timing belt change

    This whole post smells like advertising..... :)
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    2015 Passat Fuel Door Issues.

    Like a Nascar fill-up.....only in reverse. 😁
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    2.0 tdi 150hp ea288 engine more power:)

    It's been a bit over 30days...just saying 😁
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    Newbie wanting wheels and tires

    Have you checked here: Auto Parts Market
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    Review of plug and play LED upgrades: low beam (LasFit H7 G2 Pro) and High Beam (LasFit VW-01)

    I HAD the DeAuto low beam flashed all the time. From MY POV, I liked them! >>>a s I could see.....they negated my high beams useless as they occupied the same pattern the HB's would have. I now have their foglight LEDs which turned my fogs into driving lights....get flashed every now...
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    2015 Passat Fuel Door Issues.

    Credit card works fine as a pry..... Good point on disabling the auto lock feature.....above 9mph it might be entertaining to watch a car jacker make the attempt....I'm tuned....LOL
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    Malone stage 2 with tranny tune.

    I get the same sound in my head after 10min of Billy Idol too......sorry, I couldn't resist :LOL:
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    2015 Passat Fuel Door Issues.

    OK, so when car is locked (in say a parking lot or otherwise unattended) fuel door is locked to prevent fuel theft? Got it....
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    2015 Passat Fuel Door Issues.

    I'll be darn....removed door/filler splash assembly...plunger box has a wire to it...***? Thought it was a simple mechanical mechanism....looked and felt like it. Why is there a motor? Is there a secret release? Can anyone give insight as to how to access where the wire goes? From filler opening...
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    2015 Passat Fuel Door Issues.

    Motor?? It's not electric interior release. You push door to open, you push door to close. It's a mechanical plastic plunger with a "T" that rotates a 1/4 turn with each push...door closed, you push and T rotates and door opens. Door open, you push door to close and T rotates again.