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    Clicking noise from clutch pedal

    Bump. Still happening. I have heard it to varying degrees on all 2015 models I have driven.
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    Clicking noise from clutch pedal

    No, the noise still exists. I have not taken it to the dealer. Still hesitant to take to dealer considering those folks always mess something else up while working on my car.
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    Mobil 1 esp?

    Mobil 1 ESP is all I use. Supposedly one of the best out there. Is a real class IV synthetic. I buy from a reputable seller on eBay for a good price.
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    On the SE, only way to change it either way is via VCDS. I guess previous owner changed it to 24hr.
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    Trip Computer Resets Itself

    Bump. Any update on this? Mine is doing it too. (2015 Jetta SE)
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    ACTUAL purchases of '15 USED (buyback) TDIs

    2015 manuals have the “fix.” The 12-14 Passat manuals do not. I live in Texas but had to go all the way to Washington to find a Jetta SE manual, which I got shipped to my house.
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    A/C Fan Vibration

    weird, i never felt that kind of vibration when i turn up my fan speed.
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    Clicking noise from clutch pedal

    Does anyone else observe a clicking noise as they let off of the clutch pedal? Almost sounds like a switch that is sticking or something like that. I heard it on a “new” 2015 Jetta and my recently purchased used 2015 jetta. The noise does not occur every time...maybe about 40-50% of the time...
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    ratting upder throttle, lower drivers area

    I have not been successful in searching for it. If you find it I would appreciate it. I’d just like to have it for my records.
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    ratting upder throttle, lower drivers area

    Ah, missed it. Have you been able to find the technical bulletin online? If so, can you link it?
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    ratting upder throttle, lower drivers area

    Maybe this thread will help: I had the same rattle and the culprit was a loose clip used to secure the heater core pipes.
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    Rattle coming from center console - '15 Jetta (Fix)

    Best video I could find was this: Looks like you will just need to take the center kick panel(s) off.
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    Rattle coming from center console - '15 Jetta (Fix)

    I wanted to share this problem with others in case someone else is experiencing the same thing. Both my dad and I purchased used 2015 Jetta TDIs (both 6MT) with ~25,000 miles. In both of our cars, we heard a very noticeable "rattle" coming from somewhere within the center console. The noise...
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    VW Passat/Jetta TDI Reliability

    OP, for what it’s worth, I have 100,000 miles on my 13 Jetta TDI 6MT, and only abnormal fixes have been a replacement windshield wiper motor and a replacement door lock actuator. Other than those, it’s been regular maintenance. Still on the original battery, clutch, and brakes. It’s been the...
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    Dual Horn kit tutorial

    Nice. I just took off the front bumper. Just a bunch of screws and it comes right off.