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    Damaged interface?

    Sorry for the waste of bandwith, I'm an idiot, never knew I had "3" adaptors if you use the right one it works every time.
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    Damaged interface?

    Can the interface/cable be damaged by hooking it to something other than a VW? I forgot which cable to use and instead of the OBD2 cable I used the Vag-Com cable on a friends ford truck and now it does not work on my Golf.
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    To much boost?

    How should boost act? Full throttle any gear or using cruse control boost goes to 24psi back to 10psi back to 14 or 15psi in all gears. Using part throttle I can hold boost to 18psi from 2000rpm all the way to 4200rpm (by modulating the throttle) kinda distracting in the mountains. 03 Golf...
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    2005 Golf TDI

    learning how to type. Around $12.5K, it's a 2003, there must be a way to change titles but it's beyond me.
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    2005 Golf TDI

    FS 2003 Golf TDI in Southern Arizona 2003 VW Golf TDI 2dr black 91,000 90% highway miles 5spd Choice of wheels 15” Long Beaches 2 new tires 2 good tires or 16” Montreal I with new tires Power drivers seat from a GTI or new stock seats (they have been in storage), the GTI seats went in...
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    FS 2003 2dr Golf TDI

    Moved to right place, sorry!
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    third brake light

    Repair or replace, the center section is out, the two outers work fine. Part number?
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    Mobil 1 Truck & SUV 5W-40 ??

    Anyone have an on-line source, or info when the supples will start to reappear? Even NAPA is out, and that was after checking Wally World, Kragen and Chief.
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    My Audi TT front suspension.

    15" wheels and Audi TT LCA. It's not the rotor diameter, it's the distance from the hub center line to the lower control / ball joint that's the killer.
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    How do you measure out fuel additive?

    Camping store Just go to one of the better camping stores and buy the fuel bottle for alcohol camping stoves, they are aluminum and seal well.
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    Why WHy WHY.

    Lets not forget the power of Photo Shop or an air brush.
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    Windshield defrost.

    The best thing I have found for windshield frost and ice, is to move to Southern Arizona.
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    Smoke at speed??

    Lots of smoke when accelerating from 65 to triple digits, not a light haze but thick black smoke, enough to make the back of the car dirtier than it has ever been. Boost was running between 16 and 18 lbs, I’m sure it’s to much fuel/to little air (is it time to clean the intake track), EGR turned...
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    WTB Power Seat Drivers GLI/GLX ??

    All I need is the seat base with 3 good motors, but will buy the whold thing if needed.
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    Napa gold 7210 oil filter

    I pick up a fram oil filter at wally mart, it's a reboxed Mann, complete with O rings and baffle inside.