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    19 Gallon Aux Fuel Tank

    Guess I’ll bump it again any idea what ever happened?
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    15 GSW CRUA Oil Pan Gasket

    engine was on a stand, i am not sure if you can reach the 2 bolts by the crank or not though, i think you can as there are holes in the casting. you can go under your car and look
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    injector upgrade needed?

    Working on the new replacement engine for my 15 and i'm about to get stupid with it however unsure of what i can get out of the stock injectors. Mr Chill is doing the install work, CP3, turbo, tuning, unsure of which turbo but probably a 17/56 at the minimum. the junkyard motor is pretty...
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    15 GSW CRUA Oil Pan Gasket

    i just pulled mine apart and it's just glued on with an RTV of some kind
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    6 speed conversion for 03 tdi jetta wanted

    theres a guy in Monroe CT selling an entire mk4 on facebook with a swap done already for 6200, bunch of other work too
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    2003 VW Golf Mk IV TDI 6MT 150,000 miles

    Well god damn that was fast lol
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    ok thanks ill have to give him a call
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    amazon leakdown kit

    do you know what thread pitch they are?
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    amazon leakdown kit

    have a 2015 CRUA from a junkyard i planned on checking out so i wanted to pick up a leakdown kit. any idea which kit i need as i see a bunch of them around the $80 mark on amazon
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    How to: 02M/02Q LSD Install

    i was going to mod mine because it’s not that hard and I don’t want to spend the 3-400 on new ones. no idea what happened, only like 20k on the new belt. Someone from Europe on FB was saying rocker failure is a known issue on the EA288 which is news to me, said he sees them a lot where he’s...
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    2002 jetta tdi-N. Virginia

    Glad you used the link I sent! here’s rhe CL ad, I said I’d pass on the car but sent him here
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    SOLD 2015 VW Golf TDI SEL with 2 Year VW CPO Warranty

    that wasn’t available on the TDIs in the US
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    How to: 02M/02Q LSD Install

    Thanks. Once I get my car apart and 2nd engine to MrChill we’ll be giving you a call for parts. My CRUA seems to have randomly skipped time, pistons met the valves which blew the rockers apart leaving needle bearings all over under the valve cover. the shift fork mod I can do the same as the...
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    Brighter headlights

    I buy Baja Design LED pods and wire them up to trigger the relay off the high beam wire. way better than messing with OEM whatever.