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    SOLD - VNT-15 Turbo - $100 - Sacramento, CA

    Turbo arrived today, thanks Nic!
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    WTB: 99.5 ECU with Malone stage 1.5

    looking for a 99.5 ECU with Malone stage 1.5 tune thanks Mike
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    SOLD - VNT-15 Turbo - $100 - Sacramento, CA

    i'm having the same experience as you, performance/exceleration is really nice for a couple weeks after doing the oven cleaner and then gets sort of hit or miss again as the goo resolidifies, though i haven't had it go into imp mode after doing the cleaner the first time. in my mind i had this...
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    SOLD - VNT-15 Turbo - $100 - Sacramento, CA

    hi there, I'm looking for a used turbo I can clean and use on my car. are the vanes on yours just gummed up, causing the over boost? is there any play in the propeller shaft, or any other mechanical problem, that would make this unusable after a cleaning? let me know shipping to 95128. thanks! Mike
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    99 Golf Variant 5spd TDI

    Sorry, I missed that you were out of the country until reading farther through the thread, at first I thought this was some magical tow-yard in Texas somewhere LOL!
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    Cupra R rear bushings - orientation?

    I'm really surprised an image from a Cupra shop manual showing the correct orientation is not on the web anywhere. At least I never found one...
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    99 Golf Variant 5spd TDI

    wow! where do you find a rare golf/wagon TDI like that , with low miles, paint in that amazing condition, for $600???
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    Cupra R rear bushings - orientation?

    i just did the cupra rear bushings on my 99.5 golf. i had the same question, orientation was unclear. i did an internet search and asked a few of the usual vendors and got many conflicting answers. found a youtube video and took a screen shot from it - shows the guy had the line on it assume he...
  9. cupra bushing install

    cupra bushing install

  10. Cupra bushing marker.jpg

    Cupra bushing marker.jpg

    screen shot from youtube tutorial
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    Bye California, it's been nice.

    Good luck Matt, sounds like a smart move! Many of us can relate. My wife and I and 2 kids will most likely be making the same move next year.
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    Hi there, I'd like to come check out your wagon. I'm in San Jose also. They've changed the...

    Hi there, I'd like to come check out your wagon. I'm in San Jose also. They've changed the format here, can't tell if this is a PM or a publicly viewed deal, as I can see HeyZeusBC's message below. Would you send me an email so I can give you my cell number (or ask questions through email...
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    Need help with diagnosing noise in serpentine belt system.

    I haven't been active on the site in a while, looping back around in case anyone else is searching the archives with the same issue: Turned out to be the alternator- It had been rebuilt by a local alternator shop, had less than 10K miles on it before the bearing puked. After reading about the...
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    Parting out 2002 Jetta TDI GL ALH MK4 car in Bayarea

    Hi there! How much for the turbo? I'm looking for a cheap one to take apart and practice cleaning. I'm local in San Jose. thanks! Mike
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    Head Gasket Diagnosis Help - Would you post a quick video of ALH coolant cap removal?

    OK, thank you! I'm gonna say my head gasket is OK then. I pressure tested my cooling system and it held at 15 psi (i left it for an hour, held steady) when I removed the cap this morning after beating on it yesturday, you could feel the slight sensation of pressure as the o-ring seal broke...