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    Code P2201 NOx Circuit Range, is this a warranty item?

    Reset I just keep resetting mine, comes on every ~5000 a 10000 miles. Not going to pay to have it fixed if they are going to be messing with the emissions system anyway. Does not affect the operation of the car and it takes literally 5 seconds to clear it and move on. I am at 85k miles and...
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    How many miles on your passat ?

    Turning 80k. Three years of relativley uneventful ownership. The exhaust flap has been replaced, still have the occasional NOx sensor code but once I reset it it stays off for a few thousand miles so I am not too concerned with the sensor that is probably just operating too close to the set...
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    Keyless entry intermittent failure

    Replaced the battery for a second time and it seems to be working fine again. Must have had a dud battery that only lasted a few months.
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    Keyless entry intermittent failure

    It has happened in different places while I am traveling so I don't think it is RF interference that I can figure out. It also affects both sides and the trunk at the same time so I am not sure it is one sensor unless one sensor can affect all three locations. Going to try another battery...
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    Keyless entry intermittent failure

    Yup, twice butt the first time the remote just totally stopped working. The last time I changed the battery the remote still worked fine but I figured I would change it to see if it solved this problem. It did not...
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    Keyless entry intermittent failure

    Hello, I have searched for a similar issue but did not see any matching threads. I have a 2013 NMS Passat TDI SEL with keyless entry. It has recently started to intermittently fail to lock/unlock with a touch of the door handle. It does open if I use the buttons on the remote. Has anyone...
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    Warranty Extension for Engine Exhaust Flap

    Submitted my paperwork for reimbursement of $538 I spent to have my Exaust Flap replaced. Glad VW decided to step up on this. BTW, since I have replaced the exhaust flap, I have not had one NOx sensor CEL. Glad I waited before I went ahead and replaced the NOx sensor.
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    How many miles on your passat ?

    Update post - 64k miles in 2.5 years
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    2012 Passat TDI - Exhaust Flap Extended Warranty

    Got my old one back from the dealer that changed mine out. A little lubrication and I have a spare now.
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    adblue usuage after recall

    Yup, exactly... I doubt they added any since it was not spilled all over my trunk. They charged me for it though...
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    adblue usuage after recall

    All I know is that I had my 60k mile service and now with 64k on it I just got my 1500 mile warning... Guess I am going to have to start adding my own Adblue to make sure it is topped off after service. This will be the first time I have had to add any. Typically the 10k mile services were...
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    Safely interrupt regen?

    Glad I am not the only one with that OCD alarm...
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    Soot Load

    My soot loading readout has been tracking right with the regen cycles. Slowly goes up to 100% hits the regen and then drops to between 13 and 23%. My last regen started as I got to my destination so I left it run through the regen at idle. It only dropped down to 23% that time. The previous...
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    2013 passat exhaust flapper fail, no help from vwoa

    I requested the old flapper and it did not look as bad as I thought it would. Not much corrosion for being under the car for 62k miles. Going to see if I can free the old one up to keep as a spare. Looks like it would be easy to change if I was closer to home.