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    FS: RossTech HEX-CAN USB unltd VINs

    I am sorry. This was sold earlier this morning.
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    FS: RossTech HEX-CAN USB unltd VINs

    SOLD: RossTech HEX-CAN USB unltd VINs I have a RossTech cable for sale that I used all of 2 times on my former 2013 Passat. This is the one that is not tied to any VIN that they no longer make. UPDATE: was about to post this on another forum but someone has one for sale for the same price. Go...
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    RossTech Cable
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    RossTech Cable
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    FS: Accessories from 2013 Passat TDI SEL

    It’s the factory cargo mat that can be found here So no its not the muddy buddy
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    FS: Accessories from 2013 Passat TDI SEL

    I sold my Passat TDI back to VW in Dec 2016. I am just getting around to getting rid of the accessories I bought for it. I’d rather sell it all at once - put it all in a couple of boxes and ship once. 1. Factory carpeted floor mats never used - black 2. Factory all weather mats with “Passat”...
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Received mine last week. Buyback was in December.
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    Buyback Lessons Learned

    This is a checklist I made for myself before turning in my car (because i tend to forget the obvious ) - [x] Remove Bluetooth adapter fm OBDII port - [x] Remove any media from the NAV system (CDs/SD cards) - [x] Clear custom POIs from NAV system - [x] unpair phone and iPod - [x] clear home...
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    anyone else getting rip off offers from dealers

    Because they smell money...and a potential opportunity to relieve you of some of yours. ALL dealers operate like this - some are less obnoxious than others.
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    What Motivates You To Take Your Buy Back Sooner?.

    Life experience tells me to do it now and move on. CARPE DIEM
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    Where the buyback cars go

    VW will do whatever nets them the biggest recoupment of money expended on this buybock. So I think it will be a combination of things. For some, its the crusher and sell for scrap. For others, like the Passat I turned in, it will probably be a fix and resale - either here or abroad whichever...
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    Marylanders With TDI Recalls

    I know. This whole thread is laughable. Maryland is one of the greediest states I have ever lived in. Glad I got the heck outta there 20 years ago.
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    Texans need to do this after buyback

    I don't if you can get an outright refund or not but you can transfer your tags to a replacement vehicle. By transferring the tags you get to use the remaining portion on the replacement vehicle that you transferred the tags to.