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    auto fuel pump & nozzle vs manual

    Slow down. What is the goal of the mods? Mission of the vehicle? Current MPGs? If it's just a commuter, and all you care about is efficiency, you might be there already. If you're already at 45+mpg, no mod is ever going to pay off in fuel savings. Now if you want more power, etc. AND...
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    FS Raxles MKIV 5speed CV axles NIB, $400

    FS Raxles MKIV 5speed CV axles NIB, $400 shipped CONUS OBO, Don't need them, changed plans. Located in Southern RI Thanks, RT
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    TDI mechanic in RI or Southern MA?

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    I call this " engineered to rust " hot to slow / stop ;)

    Fluid Film works okay but washes away too easily. I used to use it until I found Not affiliated in any way just a happy customer. Its the only thing that stays put on the frame of a plow truck through a New England winter. Stops the rust completely, I find it...
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    02J spider gear lash?

    Hello All, Been noticing there is a noticeable "click" and then a "clack", when releasing the accelerator and depressing it again, when in gear and moving in the 5speed transmission of my 03 Jetta TDI. Noticeable in the lower gears mainly. It's not the cv axles, they are new, no visible slop...
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    Odd increase in vibration?

    Aftermarket stock mounts from IDParts. Third set of mounts. Last set came out and leaked oil so they were dead. My experience with VW diesels is to change mounts every 100K. Helps with NVH. RT
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    Odd increase in vibration?

    The mounts are aligned correctly. The axles are brand new Raxles. The vibration is not speed dependent. I have just noticed, for example, that coming to a stop there is more vibration transmitted to the steering wheel and dashboard. Clutch in, or out, rolling or not. There appears to be more...
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    Odd increase in vibration?

    Hello all, Got a bit of a headscratcher here. Over the last 3 weeks or so, my 03 Jetta has started to vibrate more. Well, I can feel and see it more, in the wheel, seat of the pants, etc. Louder too when accelerating. I changed engine mounts, i think, sometime in the past year or so. I'm...
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    LED headlights for a MkV Jetta- opinions?

    No flame. Those look exactly like Evitek F2 LED bulbs. There are only a few LED manufacturers and the products are made to contract, rebranded, etc. If you are paying over $100, that is way, way, too much. Google F2 LED headlight. Several different sources. I purchased direct from Evitek...
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    Turbo Kaput? Should i upgrade?

    Welcome to owning an old car, and bringing it back to life. I'd say $5K is about right do do that. These cars last a very long time, provided you keep after the maintenance, and are willing to commit to that. Define "get your money's worth". Say you put $7K into it over 4-5yrs. Would that...
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    Turbo Kaput? Should i upgrade?

    Its a diesel, a small one, so yes, much of the gasser stuff you know isn't a factor. Noise and opinions are on every board. However there is no reason to be "lost". There are many, many successfully upgraded cars here. Figure out what you want to do, performance wise, or reality/budget-wise...
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    Turbo Kaput? Should i upgrade?

    Can't remember what your plans are, but if staying mild a VNT15 will be fine. IDParts is a short drive away and has remain units for $560. Or try getting hold of Kraftwerke/Chris Hill, for the VNT17, he may have a used piece available. RT