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    recommended mechanic in North Fla

    Have you searched for a TDI Guru in your area? There used to be a sticky here on the forum...
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    Glow plug light flashing issue

    So where did you install your "cold air" intake? As I recall, the factory airbox already has a true cold air intake. Pictures or your set up would be good. Did your GP harness? It is easy for them to get knocked around/off. Do you have the VCDS reader? If not either get one or look up a...
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    Blinking gear display

    Get the Ross Tech VCDS. It is a good scanner tool. That is what a lot of us on here have.
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    hot start problem skoda octavia 1.9tdi 2009

    Our first '06 did that hot start thing. Turned out to be a weak starter.
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    After 300K miles...Engine said goodbye

    She opted for the TDI. This one is a sweet ride. I am toying with the idea of selling my w124 300d for a CDI, or even an E300. Sad part, the replacement TDI got rear ended last night. Still drivable, but the bumper skin is mangled. The Lexus that his her faired worse.
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    Memory Seats

    Very good! Thanks for that info
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    Memory Seats

    The seats work. Press the 1 2 or 3 moves the seat to the prior owners settings. I just want to clear the memory and reset to what I want.
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    Memory Seats

    How do you reset or clear the memory on the seats? I tried to set a memory function, but it would not accept the input. I did follow the owners guide. Our prior Jetta had manual seats. Thanks!
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    After 300K miles...Engine said goodbye

    They are great cars, for sure. Reason why we got another.
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    After 300K miles...Engine said goodbye

    We picked up another TDI. 132,000 miles on it. A new Borg Warner Turbo was also installed. One our other, the lifter shredded is self and put metal into the oil pan. The replacement car had the TB kit kit done, all fluids and filters, and has a stage 1 tune, EGR delete and is straight piped...
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    After 300K miles...Engine said goodbye

    Our 2006 decided she did not wat to play any more. Engine dropped a cylinder while wifie was driving to work. We had the car since 40 miles. First major issue we have had. One of the bucket tappets shattered on the #1 cylinder. So we are replacing this 2006 with another 2006 with 132,000...
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    HVAC Weirdness

    Compressor is not OEM. That one failed. But when running the VCDS scan, AC started working.
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    Who have more than 250,000 miles on 06 jetta tdi?

    298,000 on ours. Bought it new with 40.
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    2006 Jetta TDI radio

    Ours has the Aux input. It plugs in in the glove compartment
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    HVAC Weirdness

    Ok. I do have VCDS, Luckily. The RCV valve is not removable from the replacement compressor I bought.