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    Looking for 01 Beetle K member & oil pan

    wonder if it’s worth the trouble to swap the K member on a 20 ur old car with 255k miles ? and I’m not sure the rear mount on the unibody subframe where the K member bolts up isn’t damaged It looks like the bolt head is tilted to the rear a little .
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    Looking for 01 Beetle K member & oil pan

    , I have one on the way . Thanks for the offer .
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    2 - 1-96 & 1-97 passat tdi's for sale, both wrecked, both run, both have titles

    Are these mechanical injection or electronic ? Didn’t know the tdi was sold way back in 96 .
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    wheel shake at 70-80mph and under moderate braking

    The seal , like a gasket ? Can cause a wobble ?
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    Suspension refresh, anything missing?

    The bolt looked like it was at an angle I removed it and it wasn’t bent so either the frame rail mount is moved , which doesn’t look like it , cause that would usually knock off the undercoating . hard to imagine the mount in the frame getting pushed back without the lower control arm bending...
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    Suspension refresh, anything missing?

    @Wilkins I have some questions about how you repaired and aligned the subframe our beetle recently killed a curb , head on , drivers side wheel bent , control Arm looks ok but the front of the K member where the control arm bushing are , is dented around the bushings where it hit the curb ...
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    Looking for 01 Beetle K member & oil pan

    01 beetle tdi 5 speed Hit a median curb pretty hard. Broke the oil pan and some Minor damage to the K member is the K member the same for the auto manual ? is the K member on the beetle the same as the golf Jetta etc ? What about the K frame from the gassers ? Is it the same
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    from the horse's mouth (EPA/CARB at SEMA)

    Close enough A car needs one computer to run the engine and that’s it There is no need for a computer to run the heat and air And a computer in each door to run the locks and windows in that door . Friend of mine had a Chevrolet several years ago with a small computer in each ...
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    What are my options for a new key cut to my vehicle besides dealer?

    Friend of mine lost their only fob to their late model Subaru That doesn’t use a actual key just the fob being near the car $2,100 to replace
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    which gen tdi is most reliable?

    same here. I recently replaced the O rings in the injector pump cover and theres no way I could have done that without the info on here. couldnt replace the alternator either. I think the official Volkswagen repair manual starts with "begin by removing both front fenders"
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    which gen tdi is most reliable?

    I don’t buy any stuff like starters or alternators or water pumps from auto zone or some other store They are all made in China garbage I get those type of parts from the dealer or have the starters and Alts rebuilt at a local shop We’ve not had too much problem with the 2000 beetle Just...
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    which gen tdi is most reliable?

    I couldn’t believe how much the Porsche’s depreciate so quickly I’ve seen a couple of nice Cayennes for under $6k
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    which gen tdi is most reliable?

    Does the warranty go with the car or just the first person who buys it from the stealership after the fix ? Is it like a bumper to bumper or just for the emission components ? I see a lot of 2013-15 for sale from small private car lots And a few from individuals and of course at Vw...
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    How I fixed my no-turbo problem

    Nice work Thought mine was bad but it was a broken vacuum line to the actuator
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    Very disappointing ~33 mpg

    Mrs roundhouse has had a 00 beetle five speed for years and it’s never gotten over 40 on the interstate and Usually around 35-36 in town My 01 golf five speed got 44 every tank no matter how or where you drove it Needed a larger vehicle , 12 yr old child had juvenile arthritis and had to...