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    TN says no relief on sales tax of replacement cars

    I wrote the state and made the case for sales tax relief for those of us taking the VW TDI buyback and being left with a purchase instead of a trade in. A few days later I received a nice letter back from the tax office with a prior case listed as proof that there will be no legal relief from...
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    Does the A3 TDI suffer from heater core failures like VW?

    I have looked around but don't see a widespread issue here mentioned with regard to failed heater cores. But it seems as if it should since the Passat TDI has the same basic engine etc. I have a 2012 TDI A3 and am wondering if I need to flush the coolant to see if there is a problem before its...
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    WTS 2013 Passat TDI SE 87K miles one owner

    I am selling my 2013 Passat TDI SE Auto Tranny. It is silver with grey interior and in mint condition. All the services have been done including the 40 and 80K DSG. I bought it new and am a salesman so I am on the interstate mostly. I have fully Fuelly records showing a 43.7 MPG lifetime to...
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    Has anyone noticed there are not many Passats on dealer lots?

    With the offer of the $1000 and $2000 trade in etc it got me thinking about trading my 2013 with almost 80K miles. I have been looking for a few months and just a while back VW was offering $4500 dealer cash and it was easy to get $6000 or more total discounts on 2015 TDIs. Now that people...
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    Has anyone else written to VW customer Care hotline over diesel gate?

    Before Diesel Gate hit the news I was thinking about trading my 2013 TDI Passat because I wanted a new car and I didn't want to perform the 80K service. So I went to a dealer and drove a Honda Hybrid as my first test drive. I was planning on trying all the hybrids such as Ford, Toyota, Hyundai...
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    Ideas for personalized tags for TDIs

    I guess this is not just a Passat related thread but I drive a Passat so I am trying to think of some ideas for a personalized tag. A buddy of mine already got the first one applied for in his state. Feel free to add others if you see the humor in the post. TDI SMOG GO Smog VW SCNDL VW SMOG...
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    Regen every day? Is this right?

    I drive a 2013 Passat TDI with 60000 miles so I drive 30K a year. My daily commute is 30 miles mostly highway plus when I visit customers I often drive 200-300 in a day. Mostly interstate miles. I noticed last week that nearly everyday when I got home after the 30 mile commute that the car was...
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    Projected tire life on TDIs anyone?

    I am at 16K on my 2012 TDI and I don't think I will get much beyond 30K out of the stock bridgestones. My driving is mostly highway and some interstate and I keep them slightly over inflated at about 38psi. They are wearing very flat across the face with no feathering or cupping etc. Its just...
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    12 A3 TDI vs 12 Jetta TDI MPG

    About 9 months ago I bought a 2012 JEtta sedan for myself and thus far over the 15500 miles I have averaged 40.5mpg hand calculated on fuelly. I liked it so much I talked my wife into getting rid of her BMW 135i vert and into an A3 TDI which she really like too. Thus far I only have about 1600...
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    New Audi A3 TDI owner here

    I have been lurking for a while and as of today I just drove home my first Audi. A Ibis White a3 Premium plus TDI sportwagen. So far I drove it home and clayed it completely, polished and sealed it with Wolfgang high gloss sealant. I did buy the Audi care but passed on the extended warranty option.
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    Oil capacity of A3 TDI vs Jetta TDI

    I have a 2012 JEtta TDI and the spec sheet online shows it as holding 5.8 quarts of oil. That link can be found here The audi A3 TDI here shows it as 4.2 liters here...
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    2012 Jetta Instrument cluster question on MPG

    I just bought a new TDI 2012 Jetta and I have noticed that sometimes the Average MPG display resets itself. Or at least I think it does as does the trip time, distance etc. Does it automatically do this if I turn off the car for X minutes? Sometimes it seems to hold if I just turn it off for a...