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    Cam Seals

    That doesn't sound right. The warranty says the long block and all attachments are covered. I would think the head is an integral part of that. You should call VW directly, or a different dealer.
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    Rear end riding low

    The same goes for a pair of high heels.
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    Where are you putting your jackstands?

    As far as positioning, if I'm jacking one side at a time and not inserting a jack stand (when not working under the car - eg: swapping wheels) I'll just jack at the pinch weld as specified in the manual. If I need to support the car on stands, or perform work underneath, I'll jack at the front...
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    Dropping the subframe

    That's good advice on the bushing replacement. I'm not familiar with the term compliance bushing. Is that the bushing the bolt passes through vertically, or horizontally?
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    Dropping the subframe

    So I did a little more research... The repair procedure I read had a line that said "Secure the subframe" with no further reference to any other repair procedure. I started to search my repair guides for specific references to the subframe, and it turns out there's an entire procedure to...
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    Dropping the subframe

    My wife's 2012 Passat gasser has a leaking power steering rack, so I'm going to tackle that in a couple of weeks. I was reading through the ElsaWin / ErWin instructions to R&R the power steering rack and noticed they did not mention the use of any subframe alignment pins in order to complete...
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    Vibration from front end at highway speeds

    I strongly recommend checking your suspension. The "stuck-in-a-rut" feeling exactly describes what I experienced before have the strut replaced.
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    Vibration from front end at highway speeds

    When you say wallowing, are you referring to the car kinda steering itself, almost to the point of where it feels like you're not controlling the car? If so, I had that issue. Brought the car to the dealer under warranty, and they ended up replacing the LF strut and mount. It's been a few...
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    Seats too thin

    Are you gellin'?
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    Passat stalls when put in gear

    Vaughan: Maybe what you need is not a new car, but a new mechanic...
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    Weird KESSY issue

    I wonder if this is indicative of a failing battery. Not the fob battery, but rather the car battery. The fact that it will not work after the car has been sitting (ie. battery discharging) and then working fine after it gets some juice from the alternator leads me to believe you need a new one.
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    2015 Passat Timing belt change CVCA

    For the money you're saving by doing the TB yourself, I think it justifies buying the good Metalnerd tools. Also, be sure to buy a replacement stud for the tensioner so you don't have to mess with the motor mounts. There's a great walk-through at You'll need to be a member...
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    Brought it home today....

    Is your locale's terrain relatively flat? Here in hilly Central NY, the climbs really kill my fuel economy. The coast down hill almost makes up for it, except you almost always hit a stop sign or traffic light. Grrrrr!!!
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    Second DSG service

    I'm surprised you could even translate what he was trying to say. I'm lost!!!